Post Malone is just “a wrong future” according to Charlamagne Tha God

Post Malone is just

Post Malone was rated “a wrong future” by Charlamagne Tha God in a new interview. Check out the video below.

The American moderator was talking to Wallo 267 when he came across the rapper “Hollywood Bleeding” because he was fake in his artistic performance.

Imposed on whom he would banish from the hip-hop world if he had the power, Charlamagne replied: “Definitely Post Malone. And for no other reason than the one I probably hate. “

He admitted that he was not “digging up” his music and added, “I think he is a fake future, and future is spoiled because he is future.” [/ embed]

“But then you have a guy out there pretending to be the future, and that’s Post Malone.”

He continued, “There is nobody he really hates in rap right now,” despite his contempt for Posty.

“There is no one I absolutely despise, I don’t even despise Post Malone,” he said. “At the top of my head, you’re asking me who I would get up from [rap] and he would definitely be one.”

Post Malone. CREDIT: Getty

Watch the conversation from 5:30 a.m. in the video above.

As Hop New Hip-Hop notes, Charlamagne has previously dismissed Tha God Malone as the current “Great White Hype”.

Post Malone now seems to have teamed up with Yungblud on a new shared path.

The Doncaster artist teased the band earlier this month, saying that his next release features an artist who “bridges the gap between hip-hop and rock’n’roll”.

“I can’t say who it is yet, but he’s such a visionary artist,” he added.