Prominent Lawyer Jolyon Maugham Talks to Love with UK News


Jolyon Maugham QC, a prominent lawyer supporting legal aid on Twitter, reported that he had foxed to death on Boxing Day this morning, wearing his wife’s satin kimono and nursing a hangover.

“I killed the fox with a baseball bat this morning,” the barista fired just after 8:00. “How are you doing your Boxing Day?”

48-year-old Maugham, whose good law project brought Brexit several legal challenges, told his followers that he had killed the animal after being trapped while trying to get the hens inside the garden.

“[Killing the fox] wasn’t much fun,” Maugham tweeted. “It got caught in the protective net around the chickens and I wasn’t sure what to do next.”

“I don’t expect me to crush it,” he said, and said in a separate tweet that he was wearing “too small a green kimono.”

“Chickens a little nervous, but otherwise well,” he added.

Maugham’s announcement that he killed the fox raised criticism from some followers, including suggestions that may have violated the law.

Maugham was reluctant. Asked why the fox had killed him before tearing him and dismissing him, he answered that the animals were “not particularly close at hand.”

“It didn’t bother me to kill me, but I imagine it would have been done by the RSPCA if someone were on alert on Boxing Day,” Maugham said.

He insisted that he “sent him [fox] effectively” and replied to another tweet: “To be honest, though I don’t like killing things, he comes with territory if you’re an eater. “

“I shoot rabbits for food; and their butchers. I think it is very important that everyone who eats meat has a sense of what is actually involved, ”Maugham also reminded.

After copying the RSPCA Twitter account for discussion, animal welfare charities investigating abuse complaints said, “It’s annoying to hear. We invite anyone with first-hand knowledge to report it to us. “