‘PUBG’ Update 1.40 Adds Panzerfaust & Weapon Buffs on PS4 & Xbox

'PUBG' Update 1.40 Adds Panzerfaust & Weapon Buffs on PS4 & Xbox

The PUBG 1.40 update is officially live on PS4 to add Panzerfaust, some changes in weapon balance and various kinds of critical bug fixes. As Season 6 continues to grow with new content and additional missions, there are many reasons to dig back into the battle royale that started it all. Details arrive based on the post in the game’s official subreddit.

PUBG Update 1.40 (6.3) Patch Notes

New Weapon: Panzerfaust

The ‘PUBG’ update of 1.40 brings Panzerfaust to the game. Read all about it in the complete sticky notes. ‘PUBG’ is now available on PC, Xbox and PS4.
PUBG Corporation

We have sneaked Panzerfaust into our Season 6 video from the start, but we finally put the boom tube into your hands! While the AoE damage tool is strong in Battlegrounds, there are some disadvantages to taking Panzerfaust. First of all, this requires a main weapon slot, limiting your choice in the diverse terrain of Karakin. Projectiles run fast enough, but can be avoided by attentive players. There is also a backblast area behind Panzerfaust, so beware of teammates before you fire.

  • Karakin is exclusive
  • Unusual world seeds found all over the map
  • Guaranteed to be in every airdrop
  • The Panzerfaust warhead explodes on impact, but can also explode in the air
    • The damage radius is 6m from the point of impact
    • The explosion can cause splash damage through walls and thin objects, up to a short distance
    • Can be used to penetrate special walls in Karakin, such as the Sticky Bomb
    • The warhead will explode in mid air, before the collision if damaged by explosion or shot by a bullet
  • Disposable
    • After the warhead is fired, the Panzerfaust tube will be discarded and cannot be taken back
  • Firing warheads produces backblasts, so be careful!
    • Damaging backblast that is in the 3m zone behind the weapon
    • Be careful because you don’t have a teammate, or the wall is too close behind you. You have been warned.
  • Zeroing options at 60, 100 (default) and 150 meters

Change in Weapon Balance

‘PUBG’ updated 1.40 buffs for Tommy Gun and UMP but MFS9 nerfs.
PUBG Corporation

As we approach the end of the season, we also do a little random balance on some weapons. The Tommy Gun has been weak for a while, so we added the sight slots for red and holos dots and increased damage, the M249 moved from the Care Package to normal booty but also lost a little damage and got a little more backward, and the UMP-45 was a bit too hard with a switch of 9mm, so we give it a little love. See below for all changes.

Tommy Gun

  • Stronger and more flexible. Now you can also attach Red Dots and Holo to your Tommy.
    • Add top rail to install Red Dot and Holo Scenery
    • Fire rates increased from 700 to 750
    • Improve shooting accuracy
      • We have reduced bullet deviation penalties when firing for an extended duration
    • Moving accuracy increases
    • Decrease back when shooting for an extended duration
      • This is caused by increasing fire rates


  • Removed from the Care Package and added to normal booty on ALL maps Now it can take more attachments but is harder to control and doesn’t damage less.
    • Add stock attachment slots
      • Tactical Stock can be equipped to increase weapon stability
    • Add a Magazine attachment slot
      • Reducing standard ammunition capacity to 75
      • Now holding 150 with a long mag
    • Base bullet damage is reduced from 45 to 40
    • Backward increase
    • Found on ALL maps
    • Semi-rare seeds


  • Increased power across the board, making UMP a more viable choice for your arsenal.
    • Base bullet damage increased from 39 to 41
    • Increased rate of fire from 650 to 670
    • The muzzle’s speed has increased from 300 to 360
      • This means an increase in the speed of the bullet leaving the barrel, making it a little easier to track moving targets.


  • Removed from the Care Package
  • Now found on ALL maps as rare booty

Developer Note: Due to feedback from the community, we changed some of our original plans. M249 will be available on ALL maps as an unusual land grab, as well as DBS which has also been removed from the Care Package.

Along with this change in balance, the M249 and Tommy Gun models and gunfire have been updated.

‘Console QOL: Enhanced First Controller’ in Preset A

  • At Preset A, while holding Aim / ADS, you will guard your Aim / ADS even if you take actions such as falling, jumping, crouching or inclined.
    • Example) When moving while holding ADS, you fall down a hill or under a building:
      • Before: You must release the ADS button and hold it again
      • After: You will continue to hold your ADS as soon as the fall action is complete

Dev Note: After the last 5.2 update of ‘Console QOL: 1st Controller improvement’, we have received feedback to apply this to PresetA as well. Here we bring to Preset A! Thank you for using our updated features and hope this application provides a pleasant playing experience.

Improving Quality of Life

  • Increase the visibility of the closest items on the ground by increasing the glowing effect and adding new pulse effects
  • New pulse effects can be deactivated and registered as “Item Flashing Effect” under the Gameplay setting
  • (Team Deathmatch) Invincibility will now be deleted instantly when engaged in battle (firing weapons, throwing grenades etc.)
  • (Team Deathmatch) Now Rich Presence will notify your Xbox friends when you are using TDM


  • Add additional ringtones for Sticky Bombs
  • Low volume humming sounds can now be heard when 10-15m away from the Blue Zone
    • This will help the player identify when the Blue Zone is getting closer

Survivor Pass: Shakedown

  • The 3rd lane of the Survivor Pass mission has been opened! New missions follow the explosion theme
  • The current season, both the Survivor Pass and Survival Title System will end on April 24th at 5 pm EDT
    • The last two weeks before the pass ends, there will be a countdown on the Survivor Pass lobby banner informing players about the exact end date
    • A pop-up message will be displayed to users who purchase a Premium Pass, notifying them of the time remaining until graduation
  • Premium Pass and Level-up items can be purchased until the Pass period ends
  • The results page will be displayed from 24 April 5:00 EDT until maintenance on 28 April

Dev Note: We have extended the Survivor Pass end date by three days due to previous mission unlock issues.

Special Match

  • Karakin is now available at Custom Matches
  • Add Esports mode presets
    • Default preset
      • BR settings are normal by bringing up the Esports vehicle
    • Setting Global Rules 2020
  • Erangel classic will not be available in special matches
  • ‘KillerSpectateMode’ is now activated for matching Normal and Esport Modes.

Other Changes

  • Sticky Bombs can now be found in Training Mode
  • Miramar was temporarily removed from regular matchmaking due to the frequent game crashes on this map

Repair damage


  • Fixed an issue with teammate character locations that were not synchronized with the viewer’s view in certain situations
  • the problem with the sound of gunfire being muffled while watching.


  • Fixed an issue with map textures displayed in poor quality


  • Fixed an issue with ‘Round 3’ messages being constantly displayed and not starting in Team Deathmatch
  • Fixes an issue with the name of the dance Victory dance 12 which is not displayed correctly


  • Fixed an issue with team voice chat not working when the player returned to the lobby after entering the XBOX application settings screen after joining a party in the lobby.

Leather & Goods

  • Fix problems when wearing PlayerUnknown trench coats, waist clips with coats
  • Fixed an issue with all glasses & mask items not displayed when completing the Golden Dragon Traditional Hat


  • Fixed an issue with BlackZone sirens and blast sounds too loud.

Survivor Pass Mission

  • Fix the problem by being able to complete the mission ‘Get the top 10 after getting killed with QBZ / AKM’ in certain situations

The biggest change in the PUBG 1.40 update is, of course, the addition of Karakin’s exclusive Panzerfaust weapon. Although it’s not the type of weapon that will completely destroy meta unless it’s really damaged, high-powered weapons must bring some interesting interactions to the game’s latest map. Especially with all the environmental damage that might occur to Karakin, it makes sense to enhance those features with firearms that provide a large explosion. Add the fact that Karakin is now a special map choice, and there is plenty of room for friends to mess around with the addition of the latest list in a funny way.

At the end of the spectrum, players can enjoy Tommy Gun and UMP being rubbed together with nerfed M249. The latter is likely to be the most controversial change in balance, because players remain divided over the dominance of weapons in meta. While some would say 249 have been mastered by PCs, the difference in control on consoles makes the problem less severe on PS4 and Xbox. Overall, the PUBG 1.40 update will not reinvent the game you know, but Panzerfaust should be very fun to fire if you can find it.

PUBG is now available on PC, Xbox and PS4. This update is already available on PC and now directly on PS4 and Xbox One.

What do you think of the latest PUBG console update? Is Panzerfaust an interesting addition? Let us know in the comments section!