Rammstein will republish the notorious “DVD in Berlin” with nyatsenzurnymi staff

Rammstein will republish the notorious

Rammstein have announced that they will release the film in Berlin about his notorious concerts in 1998, as well as images that were censored.

“Get ready for the re-release of the concert” Berlin air “- a landmark of Berlin Rammstein concert in August 1998!” the band announced to Facebook. “Enjoy this concert film, including the previously censored edition Bück dich!”

Be prepared to re-release “Live aus Berlin” – a landmark of Berlin Rammstein concert in August 1998! Enjoy …

Author Rammstein posts in Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Despite the fact that he appeared at the beginning of VHS-broadcast “Live In Berlin”, “Bück Dich” was omitted from the concert on DVD concert because the band simulated anal sex, using falaimitatsyyu dildo runtime.

Below you can view the 23-minute of the film, which uses footage from two shows in Berlin Parkbyune Vulhayde 22 and 23 August.

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Meanwhile, despite the fact that COVID-19 makes to cancel and delay the huge number of concerts throughout Europe and North America, during the writing of Ramstein still set back his live show in the UK, the show is scheduled in Belfast, Coventry and Cardiff in June .

Last year, the musicians presented a pyrotechnic effect for the affected audience the UK, as they maintained their acclaimed album Untitled.

Examining performance at the Stadium Milton Keynes, the NME wrote: “Many groups have a cake on stage in many groups on the scene a large pie, but how many groups have the pyro around the arena No matter what you’re in the front row, somewhere..? in the middle of the crowd, or you stand nyanchachy pints in the very back, on this show Rammstein you’ll never be more than two meters, from the big lights. “