Rapper Blueface Criticizes Review of Controversial Video Donation in Los Angeles’ Skid Row

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Blueface, the rapper behind viral hits such as “Thotiana”, criticizes a video taken earlier this week that shows him cashing from the roof of a car in Los Angeles’ Skid Row, forcing the homeless to fly cash. Social media users have dismissed the rapper for the shameful way he chose to donate this holiday season, while other celebrities like Tiffany Haddish have spoken out in support of the rapper’s misguided generosity.

Social Media is talking

In a video showing the rapper standing over a black G Wagon throwing thousands of dollars into the air, the homeless downstairs can be seen hiding to get money as they fall into the cold ground. In a Los Angeles area famed for its homeless population, thousands of people are forced to sleep in tents and on the ground in often cold and dangerous conditions.

As people scramble to get the money thrown into the air, some are pushed to the ground in an almost frenzy, as crowds become aggressive to get as far as they can. With so many services available to donate money safely and efficiently to the homeless, it seems clear that Blueface has chosen to cash in on the air to boost its own ego rather than create genuine change.

“I was homeless before. This is BEYOND disrespect. There was zero good intention here. #Blueface treat these people as animals, when they could donate the 3 shelters within 3 blocks of the site to help more people and leave them to maintain their dignity, “said one account named @SeanCoryCooper on Twitter in response to the video.

Other users of social media platforms such as Twitter have called on Blueface not to respond with contempt for choosing to mislead its wealth, instead of quietly donating to organizations and shelters that can help the homeless. “As someone who was homeless, poor and raised in a hood – I would have gotten the money because I needed it, but I would still feel underappreciated. As someone who wants to give – I would give it to people who are ready so they can still have it this immediate satisfaction, “@dvrlas said on Twitter.

Tiffany Haddish Responds to Critics – “It’s a blessing.”

Not everyone seems completely bothered by the depiction of Blueface standing on a luxury car, throwing hundreds of dollars at the less fortunate. Actress Tiffany Haddish, who was the first female American comedian to ever host Saturday Night Live, felt Blueface acted with a good intent that did not resemble what is happening within the culture of the poorer Los Angeles neighborhoods.

“It’s like tradition. It’s not unusual. In fact, from my experience, it’s traditional. I’ve seen it so many times,” Haddish said in a video interview with TMZ. “I’ve met a lot of money-bound men [in gangs] to jump on top of their best vehicle and put it in the rain,” he continued, noting that Blueface was only likely to operate on the basis of the morale he already knew.

“If it flies hundreds, it probably does so that one can get a room to stay the night so it doesn’t have to be in the cold. You don’t know what a blessing someone could help me, “he explained when asked how he might feel about being one of the people cash-strapped to the ground, noting that he would probably be downgraded if he were just throwing dollar bills into the air.