Releaseees limit a party’s leadership regarding COVID-19

Releaseees limit a party's leadership regarding COVID-19

The Conservative party has suspended its contest as leader in the face of the continuing problems caused by COVID-19.

The June 27 election has been canceled, with leaders of the party’s leadership team disrupted as a result of the outbreak.

The group, known as LEOC, made the decision during a long meeting Thursday that came after days of coercion for their actions.

“With all of the major markets currently closed in Ontario and Quebec including our HQ, LEOC now finds it impossible to meet the deadlines necessary to become members. and donations, or printing, process and counting of ballots in time for the June 27 announcement, ”the party said in a statement on Twitter.

No new date has been selected. The party has said they will reconsider the situation on May 1.

In the meantime, the debate for April has been canceled, and the April 17 deadline to register new members has been pushed back to May 15.

The statement did not comment on whether the candidates would still be allowed to work or hold the status quo until the 1st Judgment.

The decision must be made one day after the last day for the nominees. They must collect $ 300,000, submit 3,000 signatures, along with a lengthy application.

The four candidates met on the initiative and were on the ballot: Toronto lawyer Leslyn Lewis, former police chief Peter MacKay, former president and current MP Erin O’Toole , and current MP Derek Sloan.

But the three of us are not doing as well, alluding to in recent weeks large-scale fundraising and support during a meet-and-greet. possible that there is no interference from the community.

Marilyn Gladu, Rudy Husny and Rick Peterson both said it was difficult to ask people for money, or to try to talk about politics, at a time of significant national conflict.

That party only made a decision after the March 25 deadline of the season following the breakup.

Georganne Burke, who ran Gladu’s tweet “You made a whole lot of people complain to one of us.”

“A leader chosen by this process will have a bad smell on your way through it.”

O’Toole and Sloan were also asked to suspend the contest, as there were several public announcements by both parties, and a return to the party.

MacKay, however, has argued for a deadline to be pushed, as the need for the House of Representatives requires a new leader sooner rather than later.

He organized a public protest on Thursday saying there should be freedom if there is a delay.

Lewis argued that the deadlines that were created should be respected, saying that new leaders should be able to show that they can be dangerous.

This report by the Canadian Press was first published March 26, 2020.

Our Board of Elections (LEOC) met tonight to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the implementation process of the 2020 Security Council. The question LEOC has asked throughout is whether the Presidential Election can continue despite previous measures of COVID-19.

– Relating to Party (@CPC_HQ) March 27, 2020

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