Serj Tankian “System Down” has karanaviru Donald Trump as “nepatyzm, egatsentrychnasts and stupidity”

Serj Tankian

Serj Tankian “System Down” attacked the comments of US President Donald Trump about pandemic coronavirus.

At a recent press conference, Trump responded to criticism of their statements that the United States will be “open and eager to go,” Easter, accusing the media in the fake news, to the detriment of their chance of re-election.

“We’ve made one hell, no one has done the job that we have done, and lucky that you now have this group on this issue, otherwise you will not even remain the country”, – said the President. .

Tankiyan said on Twitter, slamming the comments Trump as “Nepatyzm, egatsentrychnasts and stupidity at best.”

Nepatyzm, egatsentrychnasts and stupidity at best

– Serj Tankian (@serjtankian) March 26, 2020

This is not the first time Tonkin took aim at the Trump. In January, during the voltage gain between the US and Iran, he said: “We do not say another war!”

Meanwhile, last month Tankian and his gangster ally “Dalmayan” opened the cover of the “Star” of David Bowie.

The track is taken from the album “These Grey Men” from the upcoming album Dolmayan and see how the pair vykryvilasya and pace has taken the hit Bowie in 1972.

In addition, to take part in the classics “Rebellion and Fall of Ziggy Stardust”, the pair also teamed up for a cover of “Road to Nowhere” Talking Heads – with Tonkin again providing vocals.