Download SHAREit APK for Android latest version free

SHAREit apk, great sharing app with fast cross-platform transfer speed and free online streams, including movies, videos, music, wallpapers, GIFs. SHAREit apk has also added a powerful media player, which helps you manage and enjoy your own videos and music.

What is SHAREit APK?

share it apk download has much better functionality than any standard file transfer application. It must function without rooting. Several cool features allow you to safely move videos, wallpapers and trendy content from one device to another.

Bluetooth is no longer used to transfer data because it takes a long time to transfer files from one resource to another using the old skool connectivity. However, SHAREit has relaunched the file transfer method by making it easier to move data from one source to another in seconds.

The free app can never put a burden on your pocket. It is compatible with almost all Android platforms from version 4.1. You can download the official shareit app from the name website and use the full file for your personal benefits.



  • Shareit apk can transfer files as fast as 20 MB per second
  • It can quickly transfer videos and give an excellent treat to your eyes.
  • You can transfer videos, audio files and documents to your device.
  • It’s easy to share files using a simple old version 2016 shareit interface.
  • Cross-platform transfer was compatible with Windows and iPhone together.
  • There are constant updates so that you always get high quality file transfers.
  • It transfers large videos to large PDF files in seconds for Shareit apk.
  • The Amazing app is mostly preferred by the Android community.
  • While it can be great to leave work on IOS and Windows platforms, it remains the favorite of Android 4.1 and above users.
  • The official download site for shareit 2.0 apk is free from malware attacks or bugs. You can also download from the link above.
  • However, there should be a slight knowledge of the source from which you download the application.
  • Several websites claim to benefit from the updated version of shareit. However, they are not at all reliable or trustworthy.
  • As a better choice, opt for Google Play Store, iTunes or the official site of shareit app.

Final words:

One of the most effective tools for transferring data from one source to another is not limited to a particular platform or device. It can be downloaded in different ways for different platforms so that transferring data while you are switching from one device to another is not a problem at all.

The app makes it easy to transfer data from one source to another because you can connect your device using the hotspot connection. There are no particular restrictions for transferring files as downloading the shareit application makes it easier to connect devices.