Should the Houston Texans move away from Bill O’Brien?

Should the Houston Texans move away from Bill O'Brien?

The Houston Texans had a years-long collapse against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. Should head coach Bill O’Brien be on the way out?

The Houston Texans were 24 points ahead of the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Divisional Round on Sunday afternoon. With Kansas City’s futile playoff history at home, it seemed the Texans were on the verge of reaching their first conference championship in franchise history. Unfortunately, the Texans fell apart in the second quarter. It was a bad look for Bill O’Brien.

As part of this week’s Stacking the Box, Matt Verderame and Josh Hill of FanSided, along with former NFL offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz, look back at what ended on Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium and decide whether Houston from O ‘must move on. Brien as his head football coach or not (11:46).

Schwartz was a bit milder in his approach to what Texans should do with O’Brien than with Verderame. The whole point at Schwartz was that O’Brien apparently wasted his and everyone’s time. You have enough talent on the field to get in touch with anyone, but you can never take full advantage of it because O’Brien trains poorly.

And then Verderame tore O’Brien to pieces. No wonder, because he and Hill have been critical of the Texas head coach for years. What Verderame wanted is what the Texans want to achieve here? You’re not coming to the Super Bowl with O’Brien as head coach. Houston could consistently win his division, but the Texans consistently disappoint us.

Overall, it’s not that Houston lost to Kansas City at Arrowhead that should cost him his job, but it is the way the Texans lost that is so outrageous. They took the lead 24-0, gave up 41 unanswered points and lost 20 points to end their season. It’s an unforgivable playoff loss, but one that the McNairs are clearly looking the other way at the moment.

The Texans don’t have a manager because O’Brien chases them all away. They don’t have draft picks because he swapped them all away. And they can’t even reach an NFL final because O’Brien can’t take a multi-year playoff team to the next level. Houston has to get away from O’Brien, but looks more like he’s going to try again in 2020. Incredible stuff here.

This week’s Stacking the Box will cover a few more topics:

  • Verderame reports on his experience with the game (5:15)
  • Texan’s coaching cost her the game (6:14)
  • Thoughts about Vikings, Seahawks (24:17)
  • Another coach will switch from NCAA to NFL in 2021. Getting in or out? (45:11)

All of this and more!

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