Skinwalker Ranch Livestream Gives You a Rare Look into His Dark Heart

Skinwalker Ranch Livestream Gives You a Rare Look into His Dark Heart

Skinwalker Ranch in Utah will be digitally accessible by psychics fans everywhere on Monday.

The History Channel gives supernatural booth unprecedented access to an extraterrestrial nest that is famous for its exclusive overnight live streams. And earlier, on Friday, the Reddit “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) session would allow customers from the p / normal thread to communicate with Travis Taylor, the legendary location data scientist.

Skinwalker Ranch has long been a paradise for paranormal and inexplicable events, including UFOs and sightings of strange creatures, as well as animal mutilation. The 512 acre farm is called the “UFO Gang” and also raises questions about the possibility of electromagnetic fields without a clear source. Its changing levels have even crossed into areas that pose a danger to humans, according to a January representative.

A photo from Skinwalker Ranch, a famous site of unexplained events.

The two online shows will preview the upcoming nonfiction documentary film series from the History Channel, The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, which will dive deep into science and mysteries surrounding extreme events that the location cannot explain.

To watch live broadcasts, go here.

Once part of a Pentagon study of UFOs, the farm was bought by its current owner, Brandon Fugal, in 2016. He told Newsweek that his time at Skinwalker Ranch had changed the way he looked at the world.

“For the first time in my life, I have witnessed things that oppose conventional explanations. My experience at the farm has forced me to re-examine my views, and to keep a more open mind,” he said via email.

“I believe it could be the biggest science project of our time, with the potential to prove that we are not alone in the universe, or that we are part of a multi-dimensional reality,” Fugal continued. “This property is truly unique in the sense that the site has had 24/7/365 security surveillance for more than 24 years, and is a living laboratory.”

What, exactly, that viewers can see on live broadcasts is unknown even to Fugal. “Strange events and incidents occur on farms without notice or provocation,” he explained. “It’s completely unpredictable. Livestream viewers can expect to see everything from ordinary security patrols on farms, to observing native landscapes that attack as we do constantly.”

Animal Husbandry Owner Brandon Fugal (left) and Data Scientist Travis Taylor (right).

Taylor, a data scientist, mentions some of the more inexplicable events that can be witnessed by lucky supernatural fans. “In the past year I have experienced a phenomenon of ‘high weirdness’ that I had never believed before and never would I not measure it with scientific instruments,” he told Newsweek.

“Watch closely and you will see UFOs, strange lights in the sky appear and disappear, Mesa shines and blinks, unknown creatures roam, and a number of other crazy things that you will not believe until you see.”

Both Taylor and Fugal admit that animal husbandry has made them more open to things they did not need to believe before their time there. Even so, Taylor was hesitant to use the word “paranormal.”

“Psychics is not a word I like to use because it implies supernatural things that cannot be explained,” he explained via email. “While what we observe today is indistinguishable from magic, at present, we have some scientific data and hypotheses that might bring us to a new level of understanding of the Universe (with a large U).”

Skinwalker Ranch, as captured by The History Channel.

Because the extreme events are very unique, animal husbandry might be able to make scientific history. “What’s different about Skinwalker Ranch elsewhere is that on the farm, we actually get scientific evidence about crazy things that I haven’t found elsewhere,” Taylor said. “Not saying it doesn’t exist anywhere else, I’m just saying we really have, real, evidence at Skinwalker Ranch.”

The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, which premiered March 31 on the History Channel, will include scientific experiments to find answers. Some of the tools to be used include “ground-penetrating lasers and radars for thermographic drones,” according to the History Channel.

AMA Taylor will take place on Friday at 8 pm. ET on r / paranormal Reddit.

A 12-hour overnight live stream hosted by the History Channel will follow on Monday, March 30, from 8 pm. ET until 8 am ET, Channel History told Newsweek.