Some have wanted love to fall apart

Nick and Vanessa Lachey sitting on a couch together

Have you seen Netflix’s latest stories, Blind is the Blind? No, seriously. If you haven’t reviewed the latest customer service report, there is no better time than now. The theme of the show is as simple as the question: “Love the blind?” (and believe us, it begs the question again and again and again). Try science, men see each other, without meeting their eyes. When making a bet, voters have the option to vote, unknown and in a few weeks, to go down the aisle.

While some fans think Blind is more loveable than The Bachelor, for some, there’s something missing. In a recent post, some of the interesting things seem to be needed at different times with different hosts.

Blind love: It shows again a true sense of belonging

Is love really blind? That’s what the creators of the new Netflix show want to see. Consider the show that co-stars The Bachelor and The Voice. The program is simple. The course began with 30 people ready to find true love. These people really know the world of intimacy and are ready to settle down.

People see them in some kind of blind day. And blindly, we mean ALL. The friends talk to each other through the wall in the yard, with no time to hide.

The format allows men to see in depth and speed. Whenever someone thinks they have a game, they can choose to get down on one knee and put it on (also behind the counter). He only needs to meet face to face and see if love is truly blind.

Who are the practitioners of charity?

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey | Nick Agro / E! Copy / Stream Photo / NBCU via Pictures Getty

If you’re a musician of the 90’s, you’ll soon find that the real hero of the show is Nick Lachey, and his wife, Vanessa Lachey. The couple recognizes themselves at the beginning of the show and immediately expresses their delight at the experience that the men have joined.

But almost immediately, there is something about the heroes of Time. Most importantly, they are almost there. While the show is the center of things, it is the same thing, unlike the other movie shows that Nick and Vanessa swore to him. They do not talk to the “actors” and do not really give a whole new perspective on the whole show. In fact, there are times where they just don’t know it.

Some fans seem to want different things for season 2

Now that Blind Love has 2 episodes, some fans are hoping that the show will return with different characters. In response to an announcement for the co-ordination of the show, many fans have had the opportunity to voice their views.

One fan wrote, “Terrified, I think it would be better if they were a fan favorite than vanessa and nick.” While others agree, “Nick and Vanessa asked @Andy for directions. #LoveIsBlind #loveisblindreunion.” @Andy was referring to newsman Andy Cohen.

Different people are not hard to find. Talking about the inspiration, one favorite wrote, “The magic is interesting and all but the questions are not so great. I want them to compare the dish to something. this show is ridiculous. ”

Will Nick and Vanessa return in the future? Fans love it because it celebrates season 2, they want to know more behind the scenes and more DRAMA.