Spotify has created a playlist based on your pet’s personality

Spotify has created a playlist based on your pet's personality

Spotify has just launched “Pet Playlists”, a new feature that allows users to fill in their pets’ personality traits to create their own “algorithmic” playlists. And you know what? I like that very much. It is time for my Bébé Doggo to personalize her own melodies. Life is carefree up to this point.

I obviously had to test it, pronto.

My best friend and life partner jewel (a Cairn Terrier puppy) is extremely energetic, friendly and curious and has a damn versatile playlist with sizes like BLACK PINK. Dope lemon and Holly Valance, The verdict is unclear whether she is actually giving up her prey or announcing “TUUUUUUUUNE” if something comes through the speakers, but who wouldn’t return to “Kiss Kiss”?

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If the presence of pet playlists has delighted your soul but you don’t have a little friend, why not consider adopting it? Sweet angels like dumpling and Lizzo are just a few of the pets that currently need a home.