Spotify has temporarily banned political ads

Spotify has temporarily banned political ads

Spotify users are receiving the gift of continuing this holiday season as the company has opted to ban political ads for the time being. The move, revealed in an Ad Age article on Friday, argues that the company will ban political ads from the level of ad support until it can set out a strategy to ensure that all ads comply with the terms and conditions and its conditions. Since political advertising in the social media is a hot topic these days, that could be a bit.

The company announced its decision with a statement on how it does not have the infrastructure to ensure that political ads are free of lies and biased information. “At the moment, we do not yet have the necessary level of resilience to our process, systems and tools for validating and reviewing this content,” a Spotify spokesman said in a statement published in Ad Age.

Political advertising on social networks is rooted in controversy

As the Cambridge Analytica scandal unfolded in 2018, the subject of social media advertising was a hot topic. Many celebrities such as Alexandria Ocasio Cortez have called on social media companies such as Facebook to adopt ethical practices regarding political advertising as we advance to the 2020 election.

Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook would not monitor political ads in the future to ensure freedom of speech would not be affected. The move has been heavily criticized by politicians and voters alike, who argue that the dangers of not having political ads are a direct threat to democracy.

Twitter, in response to Facebook’s strong criticism of not monitoring the political ads event, recently announced that it would ban political ads altogether in the same way that Spotify does now. The point, however, is that the Twitter platform and its features only allow for political ads to appear in less transparent ways.

Will you ever hear Political Ads on Spotify again?

While Spotify chooses to ban political ads for now, that doesn’t mean that there will be no political ads that will stop your favorite playlists and podcasts in the future. The company said it plans to reinstate ads as soon as it has time to research and devise a strategy to ensure that political ads are both ethical and real.

The ban includes ads for people in any form of government office, as well as for organizations and super PACs that have political authority or influence over political campaigns. The only ads that will remain on the platform are ads embedded in third-party podcasts.