Stau Curry to Dr. Fauci, When Can We Get Sports Still?

Stau Curry to Dr. Fauci, When Can We Get Sports Still?

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Steph Curry just stood up and finally asked Anthony Fauci the question Millions of Americans want to know – WHERE CAN WE FIND A SPORTS STUDY!?!?

The NBA superstar associated with the man headed to the White House Coronavirus Task Force for a video chat Thursday to get as much information as he could about the pandemic, which did not President Trump try to gamble it.

Oh, and there’s a bonus (comment) from Barack Obama!

The whole conversation was hilarious – Steph not only got answers to what had to happen before we had big game events and public gatherings, but Curry also revealed that he had been tested for COVID-19 some weeks ago when he was showing symptoms.

Steph said her symptoms were minor and that she was okay now – and was praised by Dr. Fauci, 32, was rushed to the hospital.

“You did the right thing! If someone today has flu-like symptoms, a fever, illness, and a cough, the first thing you do is stay home. go to the emergency room because you can affect others. “

Fauci added, “Get on the phone with a doctor, a nurse at a health care provider. Get advice from them on what to do and where you can, so you can get dressed.”

“However, the critical issue is not flooding the emergency room. Stay home. If you are really ill, you should get there quickly but if you have pain, pain and a fever stay where you are. to your doctor. “

There was still … during the chat, Steph’s good luck President Obama added a few words of encouragement to the guys.

Fauci, Dr Fauci is a HUGE basketball fan – he even got a hoop in his office (which you can see in the shot!).