Steve Austin said Vince McMahon would not take his calls again

Steve Austin said Vince McMahon would not take his calls again

Steve Austin and Vince McMahon have a very interesting relationship. Their story as rivals is a well-told story, but they also have a personal friendship. That being said, both Austin and McMahon are very busy men.

While talking to Pardon My Take, Steve Austin joked about how his relationship with Vince McMahon changed.

There was once upon a time with Austin made McMahon a lot of money. This meant that he received preferential treatment with things like his answer to phone calls. Now things are not so urgent with getting called back.

“Yeah, we got the bulk all the time. It was funny, I tell people in what’s still in the game. It was one day again when I was the guy, if I called Vince, his phone didn’t ring a full time, ‘Hi ? “Because I was that guy. Hell, now I hit it and it goes to voicemail and I’m lucky if it calls me back. But we’ve always got the most.”

Obviously, Steve Austin and Vince McMahon go on. If Austin didn’t want to work with WWE he could just go and make money elsewhere. It was yet another good humor from Crotalisk to give us a snapshot of his friendship with the Chairman of the Board. [/ embed]

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