Stop breastfeeding when you are protecting yourself. Immediately

Stop hooking-up for casual sex during coronavirus lockdown. Immediately

People have been urged to stop standing (Photo by christian menthner on Unsplash)

An international LGBT + counselor in the UK is urging people to stop reopening the coronavirus – arguing that sex is only safe for you or “someone in your house”.

Dr Michael Brady, chief medical officer at the Terrence Higgins Trust, warned that the hook-up culture may result in the spread of the coronavirus – which is not sexually active, but can easily spread through contact.

In writing a blog post, Dr Brady made it clear that people should not go outside to download the statues at closing time.

People should stop having sex immediately, says LGBT + health expert.

He explained: “The world is about to ban the spread of the coronavirus and this should not be sexist.

“I have never advocated abstinence, but this message is not about protecting your sex life: it is about protecting your health and those around you from a dangerous virus.

“This is wonderful and incredible advice for us to stop giving, but these are strange and incredible times.”

Dr Michael Michael Brady has urged people to stop reopening

He continued: “Counseling means that, unless you have sex with someone in your family, it’s important to enjoy sex in other ways.

“Even with COVID-19, we must remember that sex is an important part of life, but in the meantime we must find other ways to obtain sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

“It’s only natural that we just want fun sex, relieve stress and anxiety or just pass the time – whether it’s a regular friend or using social media programs.”

He added: “The truth is, right now you are the person you can have the most sex with.”

Have sex with your friends at home or hang out with your neighbor during closed coronavirus.

The idea that your only sex should be with your roommates when the government gives the idea of ​​dating.

Deputy head of England’s medical director Jenny Harries said on Tuesday: “If you are a couple, a couple of family members, currently in separate families, it should definitely be those families.

“Alternatives can be that for a long time they have to go and test their relationship and see if anyone else wants to settle in another house, as all the (house) decisions can be.”

Despite the call to isolate, weapons programs have seen many users shut down – with Grindr among those who add cautionary warnings to keep their distance and avoid faces – and this early warning may make the connection less. more complex.

Grindr’s spokesperson told PinkNews: “The health and safety of our users is a top priority for Grindr. We urge users to follow the guidelines provided by the WHO, and have published these guidelines in the Grindr program to help users make wise choices when dealing with others.”