Syracuse rescue services change operations to protect against COVID-19

Syracuse rescue services change operations to protect against COVID-19

Posted: Mar 25, 2020 / 02:09 PM EDT / Updated: Mar 25, 2020 / 05:51 PM EDT

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – According to official responses from Gov. Andrew Cuomo, rescue workers have released 285 people this week. But COVID-19 has affected the non-profit way of doing all its work.

“Everyone says if you stay home and don’t contact the people the best thing you can do,” said Dan Sieburg, executive director of the Reselie Mission Alliance. “Well, these people are homeless, and they have a lot of contact with people. So it’s not a good environment. But I don’t know what else to do at this time. ”

Siegburg is doing its best to protect its employees and customers. Following a law passed by the governor, the Rescue Mission changes how things are done in the home, the adult home and the dining area.

They separated the beds as much as possible, checking each person’s heat, and often cleaning. At the food industry, they provide food to go to, excluding items that are available to people living in shelters or other rescue information stores. Only fifty-one people can sit in the dining room at one place at a time.

When it comes to protecting employees, only those who work in the adult home are required to wear, because that’s where they live most.

If it was in Sieburg, he said he was looking for more security.

Sieburg said, “It is encouraging to ask employees to come and work in an environment like this and put themselves and their safety at risk,” Sieburg said.

Sieburg said he has asked his staff to tell him if they are uncomfortable with their current situation to see if something can be fixed. However, he said on a daily basis, staff are continuing to demonstrate as they know that their work is important to maintain and protect the homeless.

“I didn’t tell our employees to do anything I didn’t or didn’t do. So, I try to use examples and insights and there are limits and limitations for all. So I would not ask employees to feel uncomfortable or put themselves in a bad situation, ”Sieburg said.

Onondaga County deputies have reached out to Sieburg to tell the district that it will support a rescue fund during this time of year to make sure the shelter and food are open.

During this time and again, the Reselie Mission is still seeking donations from the public. If you would like to help, click on this link.

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