Taste and Odor: What We Know About COVID-19 and Hearing

Taste and Odor: What We Know About COVID-19 and Hearing

Evidence of a rapid and / or impaired sense of smell may be an indicator of COVID-19.

Patients are classified as asymptomatic patients with an inability to detect odors and then new diagnoses have been reported in many of the countries most affected by the virus, such as South Korea and Germany.

Although these claims have not yet reached the level of sound clinical research, both groups of doctors in England found they were concerned enough last week to call on the government to require all who loses their scent to himself.

Since then, other doctors have suggested that the disease may also affect a second sense: taste.

The American Academy of Otolaryngology commented, on March 22, that our condition related to smell and taste would be added to the diagnostic criteria of COVID-19, stating that “the evidence does not “There is a growing belief from international sources that anosmia and dysgeusia are important symptoms associated with COVID-19 transmission.”

Nadine Dorries, Britain’s health minister, said she lost two senses as “the cause” of her COVID-19 addiction.

“Eat or drink warm or cold, that’s all I can tell,” he announced March 19.

The World Health Organization (WHO) does not list the inability to smell or taste based on the known symptoms of COVID-19, but has been viewed by experts in the field. many countries study this.

Asked about the benefit of the lawsuit at a preliminary hearing on Monday, the head of the WHO’s new outbreak told reporters that he saw “some reports” of patients lose one or two senses of early disease.

“These are some of the things we should look into to really capture if this is one of the early signs and symptoms of COVID-19,” Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove said.

“We have no answer for this.”

The result of #coronavirus for me was the fact that I was lost in taste and smell. Absolutely zero at both, so different. Eat and drink either warm or cold which is all I can tell. There is nothing wrong with making a tea bag. ️

– Nadine Dorries (@NadineDorries) March 19, 2020

. @ AAOHNS request that no odor and taste be added to the list of validated devices COVID-19 – this symptom is considered self-determination and experimental https: // t. co / vb6sqrox0C

– AmAcadOtolaryngology (@AAOHNS) March 22, 2020