Taylor Swift has donated thousands to fans who are suffering from a coronavirus

Taylor Swift attends The NME Awards 2020 at the O2 Academy Brixton on February 12, 2020 in London, England.

Taylor Swift will attend the NME Awards 2020 at the O2 Academy Brixton on February 12, 2020 in London, England. (Photo by David M. Benett / Dave Benett / Getty Pictures)

Taylor Swift has donated thousands of dollars to fans who are struggling financially because of the coronavirus.

The singer is known for being extremely generous to fans, often surprising followers with very sweet gifts, and in times of crisis, he has grown a lot.

Several dedicated fans of Swift said that when they expressed their concerns about the financial crisis, Swift quickly joined forces and offered them a generous donation.

Taylor Swift has been amazing fans and fundraisers

They include Holly Turner, a Taylor Swift fan on Tumblr, who works as a songwriter and graphic designer and has seen her work dry everywhere during the epidemic.

In his blog, Turner wrote that he was “on the verge of losing everything”, explaining: “The epidemic started in early March, and every last piece of equipment I built, every last dollar I had to make, became Warned later.

“I don’t have a job until it seems like it’s already started, and it’s all closed so I can’t get a new job. I think I’ve saved enough for months. I didn’t.”

💰 | Taylor Swift has donated $ 3,000 to a fan on Tumblr after posting about their financial problems for # Covid_19

“Holly, you’ve been to me. I want to be with you right now. I hope this helps. Love, Taylor” pic.twitter.com/wtLl25jptK

– Taylor Swift News (@TSwiftNZ) March 25, 2020

Swift surprised her and offered $ 3,000 to pay her dues, writing: “Holly, you have been finding me. I want to be with you right now. I hope this helps. Love, Taylor.”

Turner tweeted that he “never cried in my whole life”, adding: “I’m not sure I can say that Taylor Swift has done more for me than the US government.”

‘She makes me love her so much.’

Another Taylor Swift presenter, Samantha Jacobson, was also surprised by the donation from the singer shortly after she closed the workplace – leaving her “helpless, earning money, with no way to pay my bills”.

Swift wrote: “I came across your highly coveted webpage and want to help. The best way I can give you $ 3,000? Do you have PayPal? Love, Taylor.”


– samantha (@ manthapaige13) March 25, 2020

Jacobson told the crowd: “I have grown by his side and am so grateful that he loves us as much as we do. He looks at us all the time, and it just makes me love him and more importantly. ”

Another UK resident, India Meade, also shared with Swift – who offered her $ 3,000 after retiring from a new job.

In short: I’m shaking and crying and just jumped in the car to ask my brother if Taylor’s message was real and now I’m (definitely) anti-🥺🥰❣️
This HIV virus took me away from my new job but @taylorswift GAVE ME SANA JOY TONIGHT because of her incredible kindness I’m #BEKind pic.twitter.com/13nSKM2uZH

– India Rose | “KEEP GROOVIN ‘/ USING CORRECT GRAMMAR” (@hopefulgoodgirl) March 26, 2020

He wrote: “I will not pay back any money – I will not care for the money I have borrowed for three months. This is a very humbling example of accepting that a change can change someone.”

Taylor Swift participated in the 77th annual Global Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 05, 2020 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison / Getty Pictures)

Swift hasn’t raised any contributions herself and has kept every conversation updated to the media – meaning there may be many fans out there who are supported and who have not gone public.

The singer has had an interesting month, recording his famous 2016 phone call with Kanye West and telling him to get back the headlines – as well as pardoning him for any wrongs that have already been made.

He also told the show to raise money for food for Feeding America and the World Health Organization, writing on his Instagram account: “Instead of answering those who asked me how I felt about the video that came down, to make sure I was telling the truth about the * call * (you know, that was written illegally, that someone wrote it and changed it to put me and my family, and fans in hell for 4 years)… Go and see what really matters. ”

The people who exchanged were greeted by a donation page.