Teachers need to abandon the “preconceived notions” about how to get grades

Teachers need to abandon the

A Columbia University professor is asking his fellow teachers to give their students an “A-auto” for the spring 2020 semester because of Wuhan’s coronavirus. According to Jenny Davidson, “It’s time to put off our preconceived ideas about what should happen in a college class for a student to get credit for it.”

Columbia University professor Jenny Davidson calls on those in academia to donate to their students in the spring semester, due to coronavirus.

The professor presented his case in a publication for the Washington Post, entitled “Forgetting Distance Education. You just have to give all college students an automatic A. “

“At the very least, coronavirus means that universities should change for the sake of failure and happen to everyone,” wrote Davidson, “It’s time to drop our preconceived ideas about what should happen in a college class. for a student to earn credit for “

Davidson stated that teachers and students are too “stressed”, adding that he hopes faculty and staff “will not be broken by the great amount of additional work involved in moving online courses.”

“We are now scrambling to transition everyone to short-term remote learning,” said Davidson.

“We can also expect faculty and staff to be left unattended by the great amount of extra work involved in moving online courses that were not designed for this,” he added.

In addition, in order to “ease the stress on students,” the professor argues that colleges and universities should “reduce labor expectations to a minimum” and consider giving everyone a go.

“It lowers job expectations to a minimum,” Davidson wrote. “Please enter at least one required pass error, and consider the grade A students enrolled as the default.”

“One week ago I wrote to both classes to tell them that I would give everyone an A based on the work they had already done,” he added. “Regardless of what my college leadership ultimately decides on distance learning, I intend to do exactly that.”

The teacher is not alone in her thinking. On Tuesday, Professor Jo McIntosh of Concordia Texas University told her students to quit their career jobs because she will give everyone an A this semester because of the Chinese virus.

As for Davidson, he said in his opinion, “education is not just about mastering material and improving skills.”

“Education is about ethics,” said Davidson. “It’s about learning how to be a better member of a community, whatever the community is, how to balance the desire for intellectual development and mastering new concepts and materials with self-care. and sound management of responsibilities. community. “

The professor concluded by asking the college leadership to “do things right”, allowing teachers to “modify the semester courses” so that they “can better respond to the intensely intense financial, health and emotional demands of life. Spring 2020 semester. “

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