Terrell Davis Doubts Todd Gurley’s Children May Return to Forming, Same Knee Issues I Have

Terrell Davis Doubts Todd Gurley's Children May Return to Forming, Same Knee Issues I Have

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Terrell Davis speaking TMZ Sports he was worried Todd Gurley probably never regained his old form in Atlanta … addressing a similar knee issue that had caused him to miss a permanent step.

“I’ve never been the same,” says the Denver Broncos legend.

Gurley tore his ACL in college in Georgia in 2014 … but no knee problems until 2019 – if Rams RB deals with arthritis.

Gurley is able to keep up, but he’s obviously not the same person … and following last season, the Rams directly cut him off to diminish his playing.

Fortunately for the tailback, the Falcons thought he was still getting some juice – they signed him right away – but Davis told us that he doubted Gurley would be a first RB again in the future.

“They say he has arthritic knee,” said Davis, who tore his ACL playing for the Broncos in 1999. “And, I said, ‘I understand. I understand how it feels.'”

Davis was forced to retire before the 2002 season … saying his arthritic knee made it impossible for him to look like the same dude who won a Super Bowl MVP a few years ago.

“What happens is that you feel your knee – just enough to bend your knee, enough, to the point where it doesn’t stop you from running, but you don’t have the full range of movement or speed. it’s only seconds, “TD said.

“When you think about amputation, it’s like a signal from your brain to your knee, it’s like, it only comes in a fraction of a second too slowly where your knee doesn’t respond to it. And, that’s it. what happened to me. “

Don’t get me wrong … Davis still thinks there’s plenty of fuel left in the tank to make an effective NFL RB – he’s just worried about TG’s prospects of returning to superstar status.

“If he can come out one year and have the attitude, ‘I want to prove everything wrong’ – which I feel Todd wants – he could have a very good year.”