That’s right, John Mayer officially has one of the best Instagram celebrities

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John MayerThe Instagram page is a sight. Between photos of the legendary crooner taking the stage, photos of the day and occasional memes, there is a feeling of the man behind the social media account followed by millions. There’s something about everyone on Mayer’s Instagram.

John Mayer: Meme Deus

Mayer found her perfect match on Instagram. The singer, known for putting her foot in her mouth on occasion, is perfectly suited to the site, which relies heavily on photos, videos and brief misery comments to add content. Mayer seems to thrive in this environment, especially when it comes to publishing memes and other silly posts. Drake’s meme model seems to be a favorite of Mayer.

Excellent fashion choices

Another way John Mayer earns Instagram is simply by his good looks and impeccable taste in clothes. There are several “costume of the day” type publications that Mayer regularly uploads of which we are especially fans. Her style is casual and lush, making her a winning combination.

Celebrity lace

Other celebrities often also appear on John Mayer’s Instagram page. Whether it’s a photo of a pop-up secret comedy show with Dave Chappelle (or his dad posing with the comedian), selfies with Andy Cohen, or snapshots of him with fellow songwriter Alec Benjamin, Mayer’s Instagram is Hollywood. . Mayer’s many former celebrities don’t show up, strangely enough.

In Scene With John Mayer

For anyone to forget that Mayer is a very talented musician, there are many pictures of him performing, both on stage and off. This tour includes Mayer with Dead & Company, and some solo performances by Mayer. Many of these photos include Mayer’s guitar face, which tends to be a very divisive topic among fans. Regardless, it’s great to see Mayer perform best – with a guitar in his hands.

Mayer and his true love

Speaking of guitars, the instrument is obviously one of Mayer’s favorite Instagram topics. Not only are there photos of Mayer playing his guitar and posing with his guitar, but there are also lots of guitar-only shots. We honestly can’t think of anything more worthy of Mayer on guitar.

With just under 5 million followers, John Mayer doesn’t have the widest audience, which is pure shame when considering how creative and downright funny his page is. Maybe it’s the best. We’ve all seen what happens when Mayer gets a lot of attention. Flying slightly under the radar seems to be the best way for him.