The $ 2 trillion coronavirus stimulation package is not environmentally friendly,

The $ 2 trillion coronavirus stimulation package is not environmentally friendly,

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The US Senate has passed a $ 2 trillion stimulus package designed to strengthen a contracting economy under the COVID-19 pandemic, which has infected more than 69,000 people in the United States.

The unanimous approval of this measure, constituting the largest emergency aid package in US history, occurred Wednesday evening after a day of discussion that environmental lobbyists demanded to include more green provisions.

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A vote was cast later.

Green-minded Democrats have called for including conditions on aviation bailouts that would pay the airline only if the airline reduced greenhouse gas emissions. There has been a move to abandon the White House’s $ 3 billion proposal to strengthen oil reserves, but also include tax credits and other benefits to support wind and solar.

The purpose of these climate-friendly warnings is to avoid starting the economy in the wrong direction. As Jamie Hen, co-founder of Global Environment Platform, told Vox, the coronavirus “essentially stopped the world economy. [Need to install a new operating system before turning on there is.”

A similar argument was made a few weeks ago at The Loop when manufacturers discussed how to diversify their supply chains outside of China to hedge betting in preparation for another pandemic. I did These shutdowns are an opportunity to build something new, not just restart the old one.

A group of high profile environmental advocates, scholars and activists has launched their own $ 2 trillion green stimulus package for ideas on what the greener path from the pandemic was.

But in the end, the bill that passed the Senate offers little to environmentalists. The oil purchasing plan was struck from this arrangement, but the proposed extension of tax credits for clean energy was reduced as well.

The airline will receive about $ 30 billion in loans and cash without undergoing a detailed carbon emissions survey, further damaging the green campaign.

Nevertheless, $ 2 trillion provides swaths
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Hospitals—Expenditure to save lives as well as lives. It is victory.

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