The Arab Republic is Preparing Their Protocol Amidst Coronavirus Hellscape

The Arab Republic is Preparing Their Protocol Amidst Coronavirus Hellscape

Like their Democratic opponents, the GOP is keeping thousands of people in the same room this summer for its forty-something challenge – despite a coronavirus that has been used. more American life and 2020 race leaders. “We are committed to holding the Republican convention in Charlotte as planned,” Richard Walters, of the Republican National Committee’s president, told Politico Tuesday, “and re-elected President Trump.”

Since the coronavirus reached epidemic levels last month and is increasing in the United States, the 2020 announcement must be adapted to the new reality that the public sphere has been placed. abandoned or abandoned and Americans all over the country were persuaded or required. at home. Donald Trump‘The race between the candidates is replaced by a marathon newscast that is similar in terms of self-harm and falsehoods. The debate about independence has now been made without six listeners and candidates. (Joe Biden On Wednesday it is thought to have been enough of an argument, respectively Bernie Sanders‘Campaign informing Vermont Travelers to go elsewhere). Many states and territories have pushed their first bid.

And of course, the parties say they plan to have their summer meetings as scheduled. The DNC this week said their Milwaukee debate is still ongoing – but at least Democrats have been thinking about a back-up plan if the issue continues to worsen. travel in July. “We are exploring a variety of communication channels to ensure that we can deliver a great conference without compromising public health,” he said. Katie Peters reported to the New York Times on Monday. The Republicans, apparently, are deciding no-holds-barred for the moment. “We haven’t had any significant discussions about other incidents,” Walters, RNC’s chief of staff, said on Tuesday.

Republicans will have little more reason to be optimistic about their congressional views than Democrats; their event, in North Carolina, happened a month later, in August. But the coronavirus problem has been skeptical at the time so far, against predicting when it will last. Dr. Anthony Fauci, a powerful voice of the real government against coronavirus, considered to be high in April or May. But even if the country saw its patients drop in the following weeks, it still would not be a good idea to move thousands of people, many elderly, into the system. stadiums only hear Trump repeat the “great” and “beautiful” words on the loop for an hour and a half.

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