The church uses a duster to spray holy water on believers in the Louisiana American report


Louisian Church took to the heavens to bring Christmas service to Mass – by spraying a huge amount of holy water at his rural parish from a low-flying plane to crop dust.

Rev. Matthew Barzare blessed 100 gallons of water, which members of his congregation had loaded on a small plane at the airport near St. Anne in Abbeville and first checked that all pesticides were rinsed.

“I blessed some buckets for people, but never that amount of water,” Barzare told NPR. “We can bless more area in less time.”

The Roman Catholic Church published photos in Barza on the Facebook diocese of Lafayette, and parishioners retrieved water, urging commentators to suggest other areas of Louisiana that need good aerial blessings, such as the traffic-intensive stretches between I-10 and Lafayette and Baton Rouge.

Barzare gave pilot instructions to focus on areas of southwest Louisiana where people gathered, such as shops, schools, and other churches for which he was responsible.

“The [area] I need to cover is a good 30 minutes from the nearest church, so by plane we realized that this could be the easiest way to sprinkle fields of people instead of going by car,” he said.

“In our Catholic faith there is a history that priests will bless the fields and communion at certain times of the year. [People] heard the incoming plane, so they had enough time to get out of their house and see him spray it. “

Barzare said the flight was so popular that it wanted to make a Christmas tradition for its 200-family parish, next year with three times the amount of water.