The Coalition Minister stopped consulting with the government to call for voluntary firefighters News from Australia


The call for volunteer firefighters facing extreme and prolonged events, such as the current bushfire crisis, is getting louder. Morrison’s government leader aims to change.

Secretary of State for Veterans Affairs Darren Chester said that he was talking to his Victorian voter about a “one-off” payment model, raising the idea of ​​a fire levy, while evidence continues to point to longer and worse periods of fire. a new normal.

“It’s not the government’s attitude, it’s my personal opinion,” Chester told ABC. “There is a tax. I say how we raise money and divide it into communities.

“You want to preserve this volunteer culture. You paid swimmers from Monday to Friday at the beach; you have volunteers on weekends. “

Chester said it was an interview that the Prime Minister has already indicated that he is ready for it as soon as the immediate danger of the current season has passed.

“The Prime Minister said the extension of the APS leave to 20 days is viable,” Chester said. “I’m talking about not paying volunteers every time they show up, talking about when they’re linked to long-term campaign events.

“Government employees are side by side, holding hoses with our volunteers, one receiving a reward, the other not. Is it sustainable in the long term? I doubt. Feedback was quite positive. Still, there is a board that says I’m on the wrong track. “

The lab calls for volunteer firefighters or tax relief, an idea that Scott Morrison has not ruled out but pushed early next year as the fire is coming to an end.

Anthony Albanese stated that this was a question “to be addressed”.

“We had circumstances that have been happening for some time and will last for many more weeks,” the opposition leader said on Friday.

“So I pay them tribute.” Once again, I am telling the government that they really need to consider providing some form of financial compensation to people who… defended their local communities and made changes for our country. “

The Albanians stated that this is a precedent for one-off payments.

“The fact is that the Keating government in the past made a one-time payment to people who worked for more than seven days,” he said. “A number of measures can be taken. Tax measures are taken into account. A one-off payment is being considered. Holidays could be arranged.

“Today I noticed that Minister Chester is also asking for volunteer payments. After talking to people in the community, he says it’s his own opinion. There is no doubt that if you talk to people in the community, I think it is very clear that common sense should apply here. “

The government announced that Australian Defense Forces Liaison Officers will be stationed in the fire control centers in New South Wales to reinforce efforts and provide the public with a visible ADF presence, which is skeptical of the support provided.

Liaison officers entering the heavy machinery market and promoting coordination will also start planning for recovery and cleanup, with fires already being fired in an area larger than the country of Wales, with what will come next.

Office for Meteorology, New South Wales

The conditions of hot waves to extreme temperatures are set to affect most of the situation next week. Be prepared to beat the fever: and keep up to date with the latest forecast here:

26 December 2019

“We already have our defensive forces that provide search and rescue, land transport, accommodation, food and refueling,” Morrison said in a statement. “We increased support for water bomber and helicopters by $ 11 million.

“Disaster recovery payments of € 23 million USD has also reached affected families and companies to come soon.

“My ministers and I are still in contact with our state and territorial partners and fire commanders, and we are ready to provide all the help they are asking us to do.”

Firefighters used mild Christmas conditions during the Christmas holidays to try to stop the fire and strengthen the retention lines. At least 70 fires are still burning throughout the state, of which 33 are considered unoccupied.

NSW Commissioner for Rural Fire Service Shane Fitzsimmons said that the Seventh Network’s firefighters are doing “really demanding … demanding work” in areas such as the Blue Mountains and the NSW South Coast.

“Because these fires are large, complex, and very vulnerable to trade, when these weather conditions reverse, we know we will see increased fire activity,” he said.

“So they give everybody their strength to protect the coast and try to strengthen and sustain them as much as possible.”

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