The cold will return on Thursday with gusty winds and cold showers!

The cold will return on Thursday with gusty winds and cold showers!

Gusty winds blow into the colder air on Thursday. During the day the temperatures drop in the 40s and the cold wind feels like in the 30s.

The wind blows between 30 and 45 miles per hour on Thursday.

COOLING DOWN: Big changes are on the way and they start today! The cold returns when an arctic mass of air returns to the region this Thursday. The morning becomes breezy and the temperatures in the 1940s were partly clear. The windy winds bring the colder air back and the temperatures drop in the afternoon in the upper 30’s to mid 40’s. However, it is still slightly above average for this time of year. It is windy with partly sunny to mostly cloudy skies. Wind chills feel like they were in their 30s. The sky is partly cloudy through the night and there is still a gentle breeze to create additional cold. Overnight lows fall into the 1920s. Wind chills could sometimes feel like teenagers and even the single digits during their lowest point. Friday brings a return to the seasonal cold air! There is mixed sunshine and clouds with temperatures in the lower to mid 30s. A breeze stays in place, but it gets easier through the afternoon. The cold wind is sometimes as low as it was in the 20s. It will be a shock to the system after the mild stretch!

Our next winter storm brings some snow before it quickly changes to an icy mixture.

WINTER WEEKEND OUTLOOK: The weekend looks a lot more like January and brings cold and even the chance for some winter weather now that the cold is back! We still see Saturday after our next winter storm. Confidence in a winter mix remains high and some details become clearer. This system probably starts off as snow briefly before moving to a winter mix, and it rains throughout the day in parts of the area. There is still disagreement about the time of precipitation, although it looks like snow will arrive in the middle by late morning before moving on to a wintery mix of sleet and freezing rain in the late morning to early afternoon. For some, a transition to rain takes place in the evening before the precipitation drops. However, persistent freezing rain can occur in colder valley areas. Computer models tend to stay short in the colder air. This means that the faster the transition to ice occurs, it doesn’t look like it is producing a lot of snow for the area at this point. One question will be whether or not the temperatures are above freezing in many places. This allows a longer duration of sleet and freezing rain. In any case, slippery and dangerous roads can be expected late Saturday morning and late in the evening. On Sunday there are colder and windy conditions with temperatures in the lower 30s. Wind chills are in the top teens and 20s!

BRUTAL COLD EARLY THE NEXT WEEK: Even colder air spirals for Monday! Expect mostly cloudy skies and windy conditions with the possibility of snow showers or thunderstorms. Temperatures only reach the mid-20s to almost 30 degrees, with teenage wind chill. Tuesday brings even colder conditions to the region! The temperatures are far below average for this time of year and lie between the middle and upper 20s. It’s still a bit windy, so wind chills stay in your teens. Wednesday is still cold, although the temperatures are not so low. They remain below average, with highs in the mid-20s to close to 30 degrees. Winds are easy to calm down, so a little helps with the wind cold, which is not a factor. The sky is partly cloudy.

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-Andrea Michaels