The crisis caught in the Westworld is strangely beautiful

The crisis caught in the Westworld is strangely beautiful

** Some spoilers for this Westworld Through 2 seasons. **

I watched Westworld’s first season as it aired in 2016, liked it, was hooked on it, and then forgot to watch season 2 when it aired in 2018, and so now with nothing else to do but to get stuck inside, I started catching up with what I started with the whole re-watch, and you know, everything’s great In fiction it is very tranquil.

When the promise of the world was made before Donald Trump even became president, there was a brief moment of hope that our world could be better than the presenters in the Westworld, where the rich lost the idea of ​​going to a theme park for murder, and spent artificially intelligent “hosts” extra. Have sex and drink in quantity. Now, I hope wealthy people did so rather than keep their share price higher than people’s health.

What Season 1 taught us was that the hosts were just about to sit quietly and not be ready to take on what the guests were doing to them more – which I can identify right now, with the season two focusing only on struggling to get to the park and free. It is a kind of full wish that I need.

But above all, the excitement and the first reason we love Westworld is not fully accounted for why I feel so calm while watching. I love seeing Logan Delos and Charlotte Hale in any scene.

First, my love, Logan Delos (Ben Burns), the successor of the Universe Westworld Overlord Delos Inc. My friend and roommate (and friend of the site) Lea Merlela Thomas talked about it constantly, and I didn’t listen, and now despite her flaws, I am Logan. For the most part, I stun Delos. He appeared on Season 2 to meet the hosts in this maroon suit and started crying and I said “Oh no” out loud.

A character who loves the game and loves to play it, Logan is a complex human being, which we eventually learn he died from his trouble at a very young age. The Logan show is not nearly over the stage, but I was waiting until Ben Burns (Bin Bones, for those of us who knew) felt a sense of peace once more.

But when I don’t have Logan Delos onscreen? Okay, so there ‘Charlotte Hale.

Illustrated by Tessa Thompson, Delos Executive Charlotte Hale arrives at the end of season 1 and takes over for Westworld, and … well. Can Tessa Thomson Do It in My Life? The thing is Westworld is so big and there are so many storylines going on at one go … it’s just nice to find the characters, focus on them and let me forget but it takes me several hours to finish all this world .. You know, in the fire.

So, I’m going to sit back, watch Westworld, and love Logan Delos and Charlotte Hale the most.

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