The Florida Aquarium is celebrating its 25th anniversary with important announcements

The Florida Aquarium is celebrating its 25th anniversary with important announcements

TAMPA, Florida (WFLA) – The Florida Aquarium is launching one
14-month festival with extensions, improvements and a lot of fun celebrating
25th anniversary.

The aquarium was opened on March 31, 1995.

President and CEO Roger Germann presented one on Thursday
A series of projects and initiatives to expand the animal collection create new ones
Guest experiences, expansion of nature conservation efforts and much more.

One of these projects is the CIBC Aquatic Lounge
Open February 27th.

Aquarium officials said this would show several state-of-the-art exhibits to showcase new animals.

The exhibition is made possible by a multi-year partnership with CIBC Bank USA.

Renderings of what to expect in the Florida Aquarium courtesy of the aquarium.

In addition to a new animal exhibition, the Florida Aquarium
will bring “Washed Ashore – Art to Save the Sea” to the facility this spring.

This traveling exhibition shows sculptures
all made of plastic waste from beaches.

Two existing galleries, Wetlands Trail and Bays and Beaches, will also receive a facelift.

The Wetlands Trail gets a new entry tent.
Modernization of the theme and an interactive touch activity where guests can interact
with native animals of Florida. This opens in summer.

Bays and beaches are given a new name: “Shorelines”. The gallery will be modernized, including new living spaces and interactive exhibitions.

The official representatives of the aquarium, State Shorelines, will open their gates in autumn and give guests the opportunity to “learn and deal with animals that live on the coasts of the world’s oceans”.

The roof of the building is being modernized. Over 1,100
New solar panels will cover the two largest habitats in the aquarium
Upgrade to the original canopies of the building

The Florida Aquarium will also expand its coral protection facilities at the Center for Conservation in Apollo Beach.

The center will receive five new greenhouses for coral restoration that are scheduled to go into operation in 2021.

The Florida Aquarium was the first to create an Atlantic pillar
Corals through laboratory-induced techniques in summer 2019.

Looking ahead, the aquarium will open a temporary one
Community butterfly garden in March 2021 at the front of their building for the
Enjoy the public.

The aquarium said they also focus on improving guests
Commitment during their 25th anniversary.

From January 25th and 26th and on selected weekends
Florida residents receive $ 19.95 in honor of the aquarium
1995 opening.

Finally, many more events are planned for the next 14 months in the aquarium, including the first “Adult Slumber Party”, a spring celebration from the age of 21 with a hint of the 90s and newly interpreted favorites such as SeaGrapes and Brews By the Bay.