The gay basketball star and his partner are doing battle coronavirus

Former NBA player Jason Collins and producer Brunson Green.

Former NBA player Jason Collins and producer Brunson Green. (Photo by Michael Loccisano / Getty Images of Sundance Film)

Former NBA star and LGBT + activist Jason Collins has revealed that he and his partner tested positive for the coronavirus.

The former Brooklyn Nets player, who made history in 2013 when he came out as gay, revealed on social media that he and his partner Brunson Green were infected.

Jason Collins is believed to have a coronavirus during a basketball game Pride.

In a statement Tuesday, he wrote: “I tried it with COVID19. I hope I found it on my way to NYC earlier in the month for a Brooklyn Nets Pride game last night.

“I have my first illness on March 11. A severe headache. A few days later I contracted malaria and coughing.

“Saturday I went to the ER for an exam and talked to some scripts on my pockets.

“I’m relaxing now and resting but I’m still feeling strong and I can come back to the hospital today. On Saturday my lungs were normal, which was obviously good.”

Retired NBA player Jason Collins (Photo by Rodin Eckenroth / Getty Pictures)

He added: “Please stay safe until now. Congratulations to every health worker who is our expert in the future.

“Please, let’s try to bend over so we don’t compromise our safety.”

The message attracted laughter with support and well-wishes.

Tennis legend Billie Jean King wrote: “I’m just thinking of you and praying for a speedy cure!”

Dana Goldberg, a photographer, wrote: “Jason! Thanks so much for letting everyone know! ”

Democratic Party leader Douglas Emhoff, the husband of former president Kamala Harris, wrote: “Jason, Kamala send you love with you and the whole family. Have a good friend.”

Brooklyn Neti homes are damaged.

The Brooklyn Nets previously said that four players had been tested for COVID-19.

In a statement, the team said: “Of the four, one player is showing symptoms while three are asymptomatic. All four players here are at a distance and are being cared for by team physicians.

“The agency is informing anyone who has been acquainted with the players, including recent competitors, and is working closely with the government and health authorities to clarify.

“Players and all members of the tour team are asked not to interact, monitor their health and communicate regularly with medical professionals.

“The health of our players and staff is of paramount importance to the organization and the team is doing everything in its power to ensure that all affected individuals receive good care.

“As always, we appreciate the support of our fans, our friends and our neighbors, and we want all those who fight the virus to be treated promptly.”