The judge who sentenced Tekashy 6ix9ine, says that he belongs at home rather than in prison

The judge who sentenced Tekashy 6ix9ine, says that he belongs at home rather than in prison

The judge who sentenced 6ix9ine Tekashy to 24 months’ imprisonment, said that instead he knew about karanavirus in December, it would be ordered home confinement.

US District Judge Paul A. Engelmaer expressed comments in writing the order, issued in response to a lawyer’s request to transfer the rapper from prison due to health conditions. In Tekashy (real name Daniel Hernandez) have asthma, which is one of the major medical conditions that puts the health of the person in the category of “high risk”.

Engelmayer said that he had no legal authority to change the sentence Hernandez to put the rapper’s home during the four months of his two-year prison term. But he added that he had issued an “instructive recommendations”, which the Bureau of Corrections can be used if it considers an application for parole Hernandez in the detention center.

The judge wrote that he “could not know what the last four months of the sentence Mr. Hernandez will take place in a global pandemic in which a person with asthma, such as Mr. Hernandez, stepped vulnerability” (via Billboard).

“If the court knew that the sentence of Mr. Hernandez to serve the last four months of his sentence in a federal prison could expose him to a heightened risk to health, the Court would point out that these four months served in prison instead.”

Tekashy 6ix9ine

In addition, defender Tekashy Lance Lazarus wrote on Sunday (22 March) in a letter Engelmayer that in October, the artist was diagnosed with “bronchitis and sinusitis” – two diseases that could also make it vulnerable to the disease.

In times past, Lazarus said his client complained to the prison authorities on the shortness of breath, but he was not allowed to get to the hospital, although it recommended the medical director of the institution.

Tekasi 6ix9ine, which will be released from prison in August, initially threatened to 37 years in prison for the charges in the federal racketeering. But it reduced the sentence to two years in prison and five years probation probation after he cooperated with authorities in a case involving a group of nine third gangstanskih blood.

Hernandez previously he was a member of “Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods”, but in a letter of apology written before sentencing, said he felt “relieved” when he was arrested, as a gang of “control of their lives.”