The Mayo Clinic midwife system reduces the risk and duration of pregnancy

The Mayo Clinic midwife system reduces the risk and duration of pregnancy

(WLAX / WEUX) La Crosse, Wisconsin – Half of the US borough lacks a single gynecologist. That is, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges.

Initial news from Nine, Hayley Spitler, has more on how the Mayo Clinic in La Crosse is using certified midwife nurses to help with the shortage.

According to Mayo Clinic Health Systems, fewer doctors have a career in obstetrics. It is estimated that 6,000 – 8,000 gynecologists will be absent this year. For this reason, the Mayo Clinic in La Crosse has developed a model for working with certified midwives.

“We stay in the house all the time, take care of the triaging treatment and all patients,” said the qualified midwife nurse Theresa Hagen. “We see all low-risk to moderate patients, deliver them, round them off and do everything we can to help our OB colleagues.”

There are seven midwives, at least one of whom is always in the hospital. Having a midwife on hand can help with quick deliveries and emergency situations that can occur after birth. There are differences between a certified midwife nurse and a doctor.

“We cannot do caesarean sections,” said Hagen. “We don’t do high-risk procedures like tweezers or vacuum, but we can give painkillers. We can sew, so there are a number of things that are similar to doctors.”

Mayo says that all midwives
Those who participate in the care model are all nurses and they are
get a lot of education and training.

“They are all RNs who have a master’s degree. They have two more years of experience and extensive training in obstetrics and gynecology only,” said Hagen.

The model has been successful since its introduction in 2014, resulting in shorter hospital stays for patients and fewer admissions to the intensive care unit.

“Our vaginal births are increasing after the Caesarean section, and we have lowered our Caesarean section rates,” said Frank.

Midwives say that there can be many misunderstandings when it comes to their position.

“Patients will say to me,” They don’t want me to have epididymis, “or” They don’t like pain medication, “which is not true at all,” said Frank. “In our practice here, all seven midwives are firmly convinced that your birth plan and your birth are about you.”

The Mayo Clinic assumes that other hospitals can also use this model successfully.