The most popular watches of 2019 are …

The most popular watches of 2019 are ...

So much discussion around the watch eventually falls to numbers. The very first footage of the week I put together, in April, boasted that the Jay-Z sapphire case Richard Mille took 3,000 hours. Another focused on Drake’s $ 750,000 timekeeping. When we talk about watches, we often want to know: how many were made? When was it made? What is the Movement? How many complications? And then, of course, in a whisper: yes, do you know how much it costs? It’s integers.

Fortunately, rounding the watches worn by celebrities every week has the added bonus of generating an additional series of numbers to kick. I rummaged through the data to find the most popular watches and brands, the most diverse collectors of the year, and a list of other ready made superlatives. As Justin Timberlake says, playing a billionaire dot-com might say you know what’s cooler than watching a week? They are worth almost all year. This is Watch of the Year.

Most popular watches

The festive podium with your favorite medals scattered as you expected. Take home a bronze medal Rolex Cosmograph Daytona. After the end of 2017 Daytona by actors Paul Newman set the world record for the most expensive wristwatch, the model, already a fan favorite, absorbed even more attention. It’s the perfect starter collection for wealthy people all over the world, which is less than surprising to be featured on 15 celebrity wrists this year.

Not shocking that Patek Philippe Nautilus there is also – it is shocking that it has not won the best place. This year, watch collectors have largely fallen for love of leather dress watches, following the most watched sports watch: Nautilus. It seemed to me that I would wear at least one celebrity wearing Nautil every week. Drake himself was wearing three! The New York Times thought out the legendary eight-year watch list. It felt like a nautilus year … but lost to another luxury steel sports watch.

This one didn’t set a world record at auction, and no one spoke breathlessly about the multi-year waiting list, but celebrities wore Audemars Piguet Royal Oak this year more than any other piece. The width of a false royal oak is something to see: Will Smith wore one, Justin Bieber bought one for his wedding (and then gave one to Hailey’s wife for his birthday), Maluma wore one trial at Knicks’ play, designer Alyx Matthew Williams he personalized his own, and Diddy’s son Christian Combs took him in diamonds.

This list failed to render a clearer picture of the contemporary watch culture. Even celebrities with their virtually unlimited resources and the many high events they can attend don’t reach the watch in gold or platinum, but in steel. This trend follows the overall change in men’s clothing codes – you don’t necessarily pair luxury sweats with hypercomplicated and rare Patek. Last thing: every year for late, great watch designer Gerald Genta, who is responsible for Royal Oak and Nautilus.

The most popular brand of the year

Although Rolex did not have the most popular watch of the year, his commanding victory in this category gives a great point how many great pieces he does. Other slots in the most popular watchlist include Rolex: Day-Date comes in fourth, less than Daytona, and Datejust, GMT and Sky-Dweller are not behind.