The music of the final magicians reminds us how much we will miss it

The music of the final magicians reminds us how much we will miss it

Oh, the Magicians of Sapphi, how I miss you. And what other show could give me a musical episode that begins with a singing man-pig, shifting the legacy of the eleventh genre in the ocean and ending with a clump of loot in my vagina before rescuing the heroes by Santa Claus?

Just to write this short synopsis, which is just the shocking weirdness that comes down in “The Balls” just makes me miss the show already, even in a huge television landscape full of creative, genre-borne shows, magicians are utterly unique and weird and next week. When the final episode aired, it was really about something Will apti.

Last night’s musical extravaganza was that most people in the Brackbills gang had to rob a ruthless pair called “the couple” to claim a magical object called the World Seed, which could literally increase a new planet. They need it because Philiri is about to be slaughtered by the dead, as the Dark King wants to open the subway to see his lover. Simple!

To sum up everything, they dropped a spell that would allow Marina to “drive” them all away, but one of them caught on: Anytime someone became too sensitive, everyone split into the whole musical. So, to keep them cool, Cody, Margo, Eliot, Fenn, Josh and Alice have to up their emotions, in the first season callback. Of course, everything goes wrong and when these emotions come out, we get more musical instruments.

Now, all of these jibberish and McGuffin’s are fun and fun, but because magicians have always worked as a show – why have we been able to slowly get more “out there” until the pigs are finished singing? And the vaginal world – deeply flawed, complex and compelling characters and emotions at the center of everything.

All great television has one thing in common: great characters who care about the audience. Without it, no matter how compelling or creative the show or idea is, it will fail. “Balls” was a great episode, not just because it was a musical instrument, but because parts of the story we loved and the story mattered.

It was nice to see Eliot and Alice, who shared their great love for this piece, bonded for the loss of Kentine, expressed their feelings and grief and healed together. Fenn, who has become an equal member of the team from a side kick to a high king, was surprised. Cody Kee, who has made it this far, was surprised to see his place in cement as a leader (and it is always a pleasure to hear Jade Taylor singing).

And the episode also showed that magicians don’t need witchcraft to break our hearts, as we saw in the B-story, where Penny and Julia wanted to try to understand how carrying a traveling baby could affect Julia Penny. -Mother and a story of abandonment and loss that completely destroyed me.

There is an episode left to air in The Magicians’ final season, and there are many crises to handle the characters before the series ends. From magic fixing to a whole new world of growth, to stopping the Dark King, they all seem completely intimidating, but surely this team will handle it in the best and weirdest way possible.

We are so shocked that this is the last museum concert we will see for this unique, heartbreaking series, but we are so happy they came out on a really high note.

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