The Senate just presented itself with Good Three-Weeks

The Senate just presented itself with Good Three-Weeks

Earlier this week, in all its myths, Donald Trump announcing that he wanted to see the country “open” by Easter because, he explained “it was a very special day.” Yes, a more appropriate time for returning people to modern life, against the advice of real health experts, would be the first night of Passover, because the The coronavirus in the United States has reached plague-grade levels – and we’re not talking about any of the low-grade conditions like frogs or darkness. (For those of you wondering, yes, Dr. Anthony Fauci is Moses in this special episode.) As of Thursday, the United States was known for most COV-19 cases in any country in the world, with more than 1,000 deaths. Last week, 3.3 million people filed for bankruptcy, more than four times the October 1982 record of 695,000 plaintiffs. Hospitals do not need basic equipment such as ventilators, masks, personal protective equipment, and beds. A large hospital in Queens has “used an abandoned car for the dead.” Given that situation, one would expect the nation’s leaders – minus Ramses Trump – to devote every opportunity to resolve the issue. Instead, the Senate adjusted itself to a three-week-long vacation.

Yes, after last night’s $ 2 trillion worth of debt, Mitch McConnell rewarded legislators with a holiday that will last until April 20, when they are ready to return to the national capitol. The Senate introduced the topic in a meeting next week with a two-week break on March 31, but apparently decided, Why not kick things off early? Nothing really kept us here. When Nancy Pelosi has already said he believes it is necessary to pass the law further, noting “There are many reasons we don’t get a bill as we would like,” McConnell wants to start the spring. tumors. But he promised he would have phone and email when nothing came. He stated that “if there is any reason for the Senate to return to the polls sooner than April 20, we will be notified at least 24 hours,” “Our country is going through a kind of crisis that never to be born of a living memory. Let us continue and work together on the best ways to help our state and our country, “he added. (More importantly, the Senate does not currently allow elections lift up.)

Weirdly, not everyone loses with a three-week sojourn. On Thursday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted that the move was “absolutely dangerous and cannot be accepted.”

Others point out the decision of Lindsey Graham insisting that too broad a bailout package would incentivize people to get laid. And then, of course, there were more than eight people flying around the country when heavy instructions to prevent the spread were to stay in place and not travel, which the lawmakers are expected to make both trips to the hotel and return in April. The New Republic’s author wrote, “Not to mention the next congress, no legislator should ever leave D.C.. Matt Ford. “Scattering them throughout the nation’s middle-class countries is a recipe for disaster.”

On the other hand, McConnell and company have been looking forward to spring for months, and like their Gen Z pals, they won’t miss it for anything.

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