The son of a crazy father who is forced into an anti-gay sermon to play

Son of lesbian mums forced into anti-gay sermons in order to play sport

The lawsuit claims that the boy was told he could not be a basketball player if he did not attend the anti-gay classes. (Envato)

A family of two have abused a middle-school teacher, saying they would allow their son to play basketball if he participated in anti-gay classes.

Mom filed a civil lawsuit in the Eastern District of Tennessee against Knox County, Tennessee, with West Valley Middle School gymnastics teacher Chuck Comer on March 4.

The lawsuit claims that Comer used the school’s basketball team to promote his Christian “Youth of Christ” program.

The students were told by Comer that if they wanted to participate in basketball, they would also have to attend the “Teens for Christ” meetings twice a week.

The lecture took place before the school, and there were gymnasts who read and interpreted the Bible for about 30 minutes in the student hall.

The lawsuit states: “When the students refused to participate in the ‘Teens for Christ’ opposition program, the students were denied the opportunity to participate in a basketball program sponsored by the opposition.”

It added: “During his campaign, Comer chose LGBT + ‘news’ and his ‘sin’ relationship.”

West Valley Middle School gymnastics teacher Chuck Comer. (West Valley Middle School)

The school and the college say it knows that Comer has been forcing students to listen to anti-gay sermons as a showcase for the basketball program for at least eight years.

The lawsuit states that “by unlawfully changing the educational rules for schoolchildren, if the idea of ​​participating in school-funded activities, Comer’s actions violates the Free Amendment Act.”

It also noted that the couple was severely injured as a result of the training of the fitness trainers, and because of the government’s inaction.

A middle school student and his gay mother are calling for a coup to prevent the government from participating in an anti-gay program.

He is also seeking $ 1 million in nonprofit damages and soliciting up to $ 10 million in temporary damages.