The three best heavy clamps

The three best heavy clamps

If you often find yourself trying to tighten exceptionally thick paper stacks or face repetitive tightening tasks, it may be time to invest in a heavy-duty stapler. The best heavy duty clamps can handle large clamps completely without requiring much physical effort on your part, as they are designed to provide an increased lever making the clamping much easier. These types of stapler are larger than a traditional stapler and are therefore best suited for home or workplace use. But don’t let that deter you – you’ll certainly be pleased with the power of these choices.

When choosing a heavy clamp, the main consideration is whether to go with a manual or electric option.

  • Heavy duty manual clamp Requires users to press the handle to release the clamps. While this requires minimal effort, this type of clamp may not be ideal if you need to use it repeatedly, as it can be tiring. A manual heavy-duty clamp is usually the cheaper option.
  • Heavy duty electric clamp Need electricity to operate, making sure there is always a socket nearby (some selectors also run on batteries). The good news is that this choice requires very little effort; Just line the papers and the machine will do the rest of the work. It’s worth noting that a heavy-duty electric stapler typically can’t handle many pages like manual selection, so if you want to tighten hundreds of pages at once, you may have to choose a manual option.

This brings us to another important consideration when choosing a heavy stapler: paper capacity. Heavy-duty paper clips can usually handle between 25 and 250 pieces of paper, but note this on purchase to make sure your stapler can handle the tasks you’re facing, especially if you often find yourself with particularly large piles of paper. .

Get ready to make some serious papers with these three heavy-duty clips that Amazon says are the best.

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1. The best heavy manual clamp overall

Onotio’s heavy-duty stapler can handle up to 150 sheets of paper at a time. It’s easy to operate and Amazon testers report that it makes the task of tightening thick paper stacks a lot easier. They give this selection a good 4.2-star rating among 570 and growing reviews.

The heavy duty clamp is made of 100% metal, so it is extremely stable. For the rare time it is blocked, you can use the Prevent Clear button to handle it. Stopping the adjustable paper ensures that you get the same staple position every time.

If you do not need such a high-capacity stapler, this model also comes in straps that print 90 or 100 sheets.

This selection includes 1,000 1/2 inch double debentures, which the seller advises are great for tightening 15-90 pages at a time.

Enthusiastic Amazon Review: “This is a powerful clamp! I am a lawyer and I often thought that this stapler would not pass through the paper bin I put under it …. but every time it made it easy! It may be cheap, but it’s worth every penny! “

2. The best heavy electric clamp overall

This heavy duty stapler quickly and easily clamps up to 25 sheets of paper at a time – which is far less than the manual stapler on this list, but it requires no physical effort on your part. This makes this choice ideal for repeated tightening tasks, as long as you do not need to tighten more than 25 sheets at a time.

The clamped-looking clamp operates with battery power (up to 8,000 paper stacks can be mounted on a single set of batteries) or with electricity through the included AC adapter. This selection comes pre-loaded with clamp pins (it uses standard 1/4 inch sticks) and has a lightweight release button at the back that allows quick recharging in due course.

Amazon testers give this heavy duty stapler an impressive 4.5 star rating among 1,600 reviews and growing. Many reviewers have been enthusiastic about some of this quiet clamp when compared to other electrical choices.

Enthusiastic Amazon Review: “This sleek and compact electric clamp was recently purchased to replace my old and worn electric clamp. I am so excited about his looks, reliability and solid construction, not to mention its reasonable price. I have used many different types of electric clamp through the various departments of my company, and I have found that it is a wonderful combination of the best features of the best brands of high quality electrical clamps on the market. This clamp is also powered by batteries and works very well when a wireless clamp is desired. Many electric or battery-powered clamps sound like a loud gun when shooting a commodity and shaking. EcoElectronix Electric Clamp This clamp is good and without a lot of sound or turning. “

3. Heavy-duty manual clamp with ultra-high paper capacity

If you find yourself with particularly thick clamping tasks on your to-do list, then Fasmov’s heavy duty clamp is definitely your best bet. This choice boasts an impressive 240-sheet clamping capability and is manufactured with durable, full metal components that guarantee its performance over time. Despite being able to handle these big tasks, the clamp is still very easy to operate (no big effort is needed here), so you won’t have to worry about it.

Amazon critics say this choice works just as advertised, and they are happy with its performance; They give this staple a 4 star rating overall. And for that price? It really can’t be beat.

Staples are not included in this selection, but it uses 23/6 or 23/24 super heavy-duty staples.

Enthusiastic Amazon Review: “I’ve used a lot of heavy pin clamps in my career, but it’s by far the best! It’s very easy to use, runs on 160 sheets of paper easily, not blocked, and anyone in our office can use it, regardless of their size. “