The true truth of Bill Gates’s wife

The true truth of Bill Gates's wife

Although he was once the richest man in the world (Amazon founder Jeff Bezos holds the distinction, as of this writing), that doesn’t mean Bill Gates can win anything. This is especially true when it comes to his wife, Melinda Gates, who always excels over her husband. (Fun fact: Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are actually collectively richer than several countries.)

First, let’s talk about education. Bill is famously “Harvard’s most famous rejector,” according to Fortune, while Melinda graduated with a double degree in computer science and economics, and an MBA from Duke University. Second, “Melinda also transcends sport,” the article continued. He reportedly runs at seven miles per hour and runs about five days a week while still working on the requirements of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. According to the article, Melinda “completed the Seattle Marathon and climbed, with ropes and ropes, to the 14,410-foot Mount Rainier peak.” At least she gave her husband some credit when she admitted: “It finally started running last year.”

Melinda even has a foot in the toys. She revealed to The Cut, “I’ve beaten Bill twice in Clue, and he couldn’t believe it. We’re still having fun puzzles.” You probably guessed the result. “I still beat him often enough,” he said.