The truth about Tamra’s judge relationship with Sidney

The truth about Tamra's judge relationship with Sidney

Tamra’s judge’s relationship with Sidney Barney reached a dark place when in August 2017, the then teenager accused her mom of abusing her. “The reason I left my mom’s house was that she was neglected (leaving us home without food or just completely ignoring us), she dropped the first one permanently and the biggest reason was that she was mentally and emotionally abusive,” Facebook writes of the ruling of living with her dad (via page six). “He wasn’t a mother to me.”

The judge denied the accusations, referring to Instagram (via Us Weekly), “I love my daughter and I would never abuse her, hurt her or see her in any way”.

Sidney also questioned the judge taking a photo of his graduation on Instagram. “Even two weeks after I graduated, she sent me a photo and I shared it with her one million fans, knowing she would get it from the press,” she writes. “The one thing I’ve been asking for and asking for for 4 years now was not talking to me because I didn’t want to be in the spotlight. But going back on her promises as usual, she puts herself, her reputation, her reputation and banking. account in front of me. “

At the RHOC’s re-affiliation in November 2017, the judge admitted that he was “impulsive” and published the illustration because he was “injured” by rumors that he had not been invited to the ceremony, per Human.