The UK has set a gloomy day of heavy rain boxes in all regions of the UK report


Customers hoping to take advantage of boxing day sales are likely to face flooding in some parts of the UK. The clear sky of Christmas day will release the cloud, wind and rain on December 26, while southwestern England will experience the most difficult downpours.

The Environment Agency issued 36 flood warnings – if flooding is expected – and 96 flood warnings where flooding is possible.

Met Office representative Alex Burkill said a group of rains that ranges from southwest to northeast England will ensure that “almost everywhere” some wet weather will happen on Thursday.

He said, “There will be plenty of rain and rain in most places. It will be most difficult in South West England and Wales. Due to the amount of rain we have seen this month, there may have been local floods. ‘ “

Burkill is expected to drop some 30 mm (1.2in) of rain in some parts of southwestern England, while other areas can see up to 20 mm. Coastal areas in the southwest are expected to be hit by winds of up to 50 mph. Boxing day customers in London will see the worst rain in the morning before the weather later becomes clear during the day.

Despite bad weather, temperatures are likely to be around 12 ° C in the south and 5 ° C in the north. Friday should be another humid day, but with a temperature rising to 14 ° C in the west and between 11 ° C to 12 ° C in the northeast of England .

Although the rain is expected to be clear later on Friday, it will return to the northwest of England on Saturday. Meanwhile, the southeast will be drier and clearer.