The UK’s first LGBT TV program, OUTtv, will launch next week


The RuPaul Gay for Pay game will be available on OUTtv. (Ethan Miller / Getty)

The UK’s first live-action television show, television and documentary, OUTtv, airs next week on April 1.

According to its website, OUTtv “has provided videos with curves ranging from the best articles, to the most popular articles and shorts”. It will also feature “the best documentary, the best television programming in the world including the popular LGBTQ + series, reality shows and sports shows”.

Already available in several European countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Spain, the service can be accessed on Sky (channel 330) and viewers will also be able to subscribe online for £ 99 per year via the OUTtv page.

All its programming in the UK will be broadcast on OUTtv, meaning it has never been available in the UK.

The video will also feature from LGBT + film festivals, fashion shows, venues and other LGBT events.

Its program with over 500 titles includes the RuPaul Gay for Play game, a half-hour-long live-action show where a team of six people helps contestants answer pop culture questions to win money and rewards.

Other titles include a reality show Shade – Queens of NYC, new documentary Being Divine and a first look at the M / M movie trailer.

According to SM Entertainment, although the channel is currently available via Sky, other platforms are expected to follow soon.

The Prophet said that the system expects full engagement in the UK and Irish LGBT + region. He also said he plans to launch a national championship this season to get “OUTtv’s face”.

The video wants to help viewers know that it is not about the LGBT + community, and added that it welcomes anyone with ‘ideas’. According to her website: “In some countries, we see that 40% of OUTtv viewers are straight women.”

OUTtv made history when it launched in Israel in 2019 to launch Pride Month.