The US Air Force launches its first mission

The US Air Force launches its first mission

(CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla.) – The new U.S. Air Force launched its first security satellite Thursday with a nurse for diarrhea and diarrhea.

“Nothing interferes with the production of a target!” The 45th Space Wing was played by Cape Canaveral.

About $ 1 billion worth of satellites is the sixth and the last in the US Army Corps of Engineers continues to grow. Developed by Milstar’s former stars, the band has provided a network of distances ranging from 22,000 miles (35,400 kilometers) to nearly a decade.

An Atlas V rocket combines 13,600 satellites (6,168 kilograms). The new Space Force adorned the United Launch Alliance.

The Air Force became the new branch of the U.S. Army in December.

With the scenes closed due to the outbreak of coronavirus, few people are more than expected to watch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Base.

United Launch Alliance chief executive Tory Bruno said that unimportant staff in the locker room were not banned to minimize the crowd.

“It can’t get 6 ft. Anywhere. The parks will be cleaned up between people and others,” said Bruno, who oversaw the startup from the company’s headquarters in Denver. He always travels to the starting point.

Another Ebola outbreak: The Cape Canaveral Air Force’s planned deployment to Canaveral Space Force Station is on standby.

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