The US destroys the Philippines’ big war games for the Virus

The US destroys the Philippines' big war games for the Virus

The US military stopped a major operation involving thousands of troops in Britain as a result of the coronavirus.

The decision on the data for Balikatan 2020 has brought to “the significance of the extraordinary circumstances related to the COVID-19 virus and to the health and safety of parts of the country. Two, “said US Indo-Pacific Command Admiral Phil Davidson.

The fighting games, slated for May 4-15, will involve about 10,000 troops from the two loved ones and some small groups from Australia, according to experts.

US troops participating in military campaigns come from its bases in Japan and South Korea, and have been attacked twice by the US Photo: AFP / STR

“We are in a very special time and I am sure we will attract many people as we follow Balikatan,” said Rear Admiral Adelius Bordado.

The United States has the highest number of coronavirus infections in the world and more than one Philippines has reported more than 700 cases.

One of the best trained leaders of the Philippine Army was General Felimon Santos, the defense secretary said.

American troops including Balikatan (which means “Shoulder to Shoulder” in Tagalog) have been routinely recruited from bases in Japan and South Korea, citing coronavirus cases.

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