There have been times when a special relationship between Ben Affleck and Charles Lott Jr.

Charles Lott Jr.

The brave work by creator Charles Lott Jr. in the movie The Way Back may have persuaded Ben Affleck to take the actor under his spell.

Lott shared with the Showbiz cheat Sheet why he faced an Affleck at the time of the publication and their special note today. The Way Back, Lott’s picture book feature, is about an industrialist (Affleck) who grew up much better when his wife left him.

Charles Lott Jr. | Griffin Pictures / Finding Pictures for Warner Bros.

Affleck was educated in the golf course at his elementary school and learned how to become a part of the team’s youth. Lott plays Chubbs Hendricks, one of the few playwrights who brought a finish to the movie.

His first relationship with Affleck was long after that

Lott told the story of how Affleck fired him when he was able to produce his first line in the movie. “Every time I was ready to say my lines, he would cut it,” Lott told the Series Series. “He started his lines and started talking.” Lott said Affleck provided a “wall” in the first place. But when Affleck compares him many times, Lott does not.

He decides to show Affleck how to cut him off. “So I went to him, three weeks into the shooting and we never said anything (except for a brief break),” Lott told Showbiz cheat Sheet.

“‘Having broken the line a couple of times, I was like,’ What is this? ‘When I went up to her, I wrapped her around her chest. we speak and I don’t think I understand. His eyes are wide open and he is like, “Who are you?”

Lott moved and thought back

Lott said he told Affleck he had moved in his line. “I had a letter in my hand and I was showing him his place and I forgot that I was promoted,” he recalls. “And the butterflies could hear me. So later everybody gave me a big nod. They were like, ‘You don’t talk to Ben Affleck like that!’ And “What’s wrong with you?”

Lott, meanwhile, has not considered the fact that he is a big movie star. Because of the warming up, a new artist separated him. “But as I got there it started in my mind. Then when I put her on her and she looked at me and I realized who she was, the pressure was on in my brain, “Lott said.” So, ‘Why am I have you done this? “Then my voice may have been a little surprised but I was like, ‘No! I said it!’

Lott added that his mother is proud of her son for the language. Lott criticized her for her behavior. “My mom didn’t take anything.” Lott joked about what it was like to always tell his mom to step down and then visit a big movie star on the show.

He intended to be flown away

Lott fears he will be released because he decides to oppose Affleck. “But they sent me a phone call two days later and I was like, ‘Yeah, I do!'”

Later, “Affleck walked over to me, and he was huge, and he grabbed his hand and was like, ‘Man, I don’t know who you are, but I respect him. foot in your lines. And we soon became eyesore. “

“And after that, we get together every day,” Lott continued. “Then I told him to pick me up!

Lott and Affleck have a solid relationship

Lott said Affleck gave them advice when they were growing up. “But it’s more difficult to identify the businesses,” Lott said. “I thought, when we started asking him everyday. But one of the main things he taught me was to always love art and art. the actors and the movies even if you become a director and you get paid because they do not watch the movies that make them but they are looking at the money they can afford. and when it does, you just have to be careful.

Affleck also told her to surround herself with the right people and to do everything right. “He only taught me a few days later,” Lott said. “There are some internet kids who are frustrated and don’t talk to me for no reason. (Affleck) sent me a long word (saying) that loved ones are still there and if you don’t love doing wrong . “Lott sees Affleck as a teacher and he admires her throughout his life.

Lott has been celebrating the value Affleck has acquired in recent years. “She was very mistaken,” he said. “I used to read boxes, because when I first met her, I was very nervous. But I was like, ‘All these ideas are about what people think is wrong with him. “I’ve got a lot of people in the fun and that’s the best part.” He added that in one of Affleck’s few moments, that was a good thing. “It’s the best coach I’ve ever seen outside of my parents,” he said.

Lott wants the lover to know Affleck is a funny guy

Lott wants everyone to know that Ben Affleck is hilarious. “I keep telling these people that no one is going to listen to me! He’s almost gone. He takes these big theaters and they think he’s a great guy. And sometimes, he lets go. some of the fun during the conversation. ”

“But if you talk to her right away and she can trust you. Every time she speaks something spiritual,” Lott said. “We have a citizen and I want to, ‘Man, why don’t you just stand still?

Says Lott, “I want to get into the next drive! It may not be because he’s done so much of the story but it’s, like, come on!”

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