“There is Only One Story Now”: The Associated Press’s Mobile News Service is stuck in Limbo as the 2020 Foreign Candidate


The lack of targeted media coverage has reduced the face of FOMO which would limit journalists’ time off the road, giving them less time to engage with candidates or selectors. wakes up. If Biden, now living in his Wilmington, Delaware, home, would have started the news, handling questions from reporters, Thomas said he would probably have traveled there. Caputo, who lives in Miami, said his employer had not told him to board a flight during the accident. Caputo says, “That’s crazy.” people, and there is also a sense of responsibility.I don’t think anyone should be traveling in. Someone can cover a campaign from their own home.We are back on the phone here, and we will return to the numbers until November 3. ”CBS News Interview EduumKeefe that, as asthmatic, he is particularly wary of a trip. “If we have to get to Wilmington soon for something, I’m not a driver other than a train,” OK’fe said. “We shall see. What I also know is that by placing the candidates themselves in a risk group, they do not have to take the risk as well. “

The traumatic event was a reality for Biden and Sanders, who would travel to several states one day, but are now stuck at home in Wilmington and Burlington, Vermont, respectively. These two cities, with a combined population of about 113,000 people, now look like a pair of days on the Democratic Front, which means campaigning, coalitions a combination of young people often sent through great connections to follow opponents and document their every move, gaining access to a different era of stasis. The information in Sanders was completely happy in Burlington, when I was informed that Biden’s record had been returned to their home. For the most part, that is Washington, D.C., which is a train not far from both Wilmington and Philadelphia, where Biden’s race track is located. Burlington is, by contrast, not an easy access.

Caitlin Conant, the political director for CBS News who manages the network’s embeds, told me he was frustrated with his staff that their health was more important than work. Conant, a former Republican serving his first presidential nomination for the CBS campaign, said he was in talks with the network ‘Sanders embed, Cara Korte, before he left for Vermont. “I made it clear that if it was uncomfortable, there would be no decision,” said Conant, “but even with competitors controlling the low ability to do well, the shots drugs depending on location. NBC’s Mike Memoli, who covers the Biden campaign for the network, reported by Wilmington last week, during CNN’s Arlette Saenz was on the ground in Philadelphia.

Candidates are determined to adjust how they reach the public. Sanders and Trump, whose ability to draw large crowds would be virtually unmanageable in American politics, could not hold a meeting. For a well-known tactile politician like Biden, it means the body’s inability to negotiate with voters that journalists who cover it up says it’s the life of his work. “The energy of Biden, which is innumerable by most people for the entire race, is the kind of human, one-to-one connection that it will make with humanity,” Edward-Isaac DUA, writer for The Atlantic. “I’ve watched it happen so many times over the past 18 months. People would cry in his arms. This time too. ”

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