Thugs Mugging Nurses for IDs for Coronavirus Free Foods and Beverages

Thugs Mugging Nurses for IDs for Coronavirus Free Foods and Beverages

Thieves have been scouring doctors and nurses for stealing badges in order to gain priority shopping and supermarket royalties during the coronavirus pandemic.

With long supply chain stores and many hours of National Health Service (NHS) staff, supermarkets have chosen to support healthcare professionals by providing them with priority purchases and royalties, such as refreshments and beverages. hot. Brits on social media reported a week ago in big stores like Lidl and Waitrose offering nurses a bouquet of flowers. Dominos, Greggs, Pret a Manger, Burger King and Pizza Hut also offer free food and coffee to those who work for the National Health Service.

However, in the midst of these acts of estimation and kindness, a new kind of crime has emerged, where thieves police medical professionals of their ropes and identification characters to obtain free gifts for those in the front line of the battle. the coronavirus.

According to The Guardian, NHS England is as concerned about the incidents as it is preparing to communicate to staff around the country hiding NHS IDs and branded tracks.

The left-wing newspaper reported that the reprobates had tried to grab cords of two doctors on their way out of Lewisham Hospital in south London.

One doctor said: “Something like this is horrifying. It is beyond shock and so shocking. Someone tried to grab my teammates’ badges on the go, but they didn’t. ”

Staff at both Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust’s hospitals said on Monday: “After reports of an attempt to remove the two-member identification badges when they stopped working, make sure that the badge ID is out of sight. “

Staff at University College Hospital in London have also been alerted to be alerted when they leave the facility after similar incidents.

Good heavens.

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A spokesman for the National Health Service told The Guardian: “This is absolutely dim. A few places are stealing ID badges as staff leave their confidence. As soon as staff is out of place They will wait and steal them for free food and will also be able to shop during the protected early morning shopping hour that some supermarkets have set up for NHS staff.

“They have mainly targeted nurses. They are the ones who often leave the main entrance to a hospital with their shoelaces on.”

These are not the only abominable criminal acts against medical care as it is preparing for the worst pandemic the UK has seen in a century.

Earlier in the week, thieves pierced the six-ambulance tires in Kent, southeast of England. The vehicles had been damaged while parked at a Ramsgate ambulance center. According to the KentOnline service, Kent’s ambulance service is under “significant pressure” following the coronavirus outbreak.

Supermarkets have also moved to the front lines and have continued to ensure that the food supply chain reaches vulnerable citizens and cope with their own attacks. It was reported that the “youths” had burned two Icelandic supply trucks in Bristol earlier this week after police told them to disperse.

In response, the general manager of the budget supermarket wrote, “Two of our vans in Southmead were burned last night during a city riot. At a time when home delivery is literally a lifeline for some, people in vulnerable situations, that makes them sick. “

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