Time to Publish Special Report on Finding a Goals in Martial Arts: Excuse. It’s not alone

Time to Publish Special Report on Finding a Goals in Martial Arts: Excuse. It's not alone

Today, TIME has released a special report – Except. He is not alone – on COVID-19 and having a common purpose during communal threats.

The special issue includes a profile of chef Jose Andrés, who brings food supplies to the center of the crisis, consulting with Connie Schultz, Vivek Murthy, Van Jones, Madeleine Albright and more, a list and the light on the matter. The 27 people who do have videos are distributed across the United States, videos and chats, a photographic description of people isolated in the world, and more.

Read the special report: https://time.com/apart-not-alone

See the cover featuring Martin Schoeller’s photo for ONE: https://bit.ly/2JbOD54

TIME editor in chief and CEO Edward Felsenthal he wrote in a letter to readers: “We started planning this special issue of TIME before any of us felt the sentence matched, and we were not considering our position. Its theme – falling out of the water and meeting together as a community – is something we have often been thinking about here in recent years. The world we cover increases with conflict — some studies show that self-compassion is diminishing – and yet many of the problems we face need to work together. And no one is worse than this virus that tests the strength of our risk even in isolation. ”

Felsenthal continues: “We all have a role to play as millions of people are now, through being at home, largely through hardship. It is difficult to imagine a time when many of us would find ourselves relying on strangers. ”Https://bit.ly/2wD6uPJ

Alone. Other than Back, the special report, made possible by State Farm.

Farm State President, President & CEO Michael Tipsord says “Farm State is proud to be a part of this unique event, at a time when our nation and the world are experiencing something that most of us do not expect to happen in our lives.” “We can achieve this by uniting ourselves. Now is the time for all of us to be good neighbors. ”

The 6th April 6 / April 13, 2020 second episode on TIME runs on Friday, 27 March.


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