Today it is windy and cold, we are watching snow and mixing the chances this weekend

Today it is windy and cold, we are watching snow and mixing the chances this weekend

Wind gusts over 30, sometimes up to 40MPH today.

Wind chill appears selectively in the individual digits this evening.

Breezy and cold: Gusty conditions ensure a cool afternoon, as the temperatures slowly but steadily fall into the evening. A WIND ADVISORY is possible for all of our counties until 7:00 p.m. with gusts above 45MPH. The wind chill lasts all day in the upper 20s and lower 30s with mostly clear skies. A few sea effect vortexes cannot be ruled out. The night lows start in the 20s to start our Friday.

The winter weather starts on Saturday morning.

We are still ironing the details of how much snow and sleet is expected on Saturday. Stay tuned.

SEE WINTER WEATHER ON SATURDAY: The winds calm down, but the temperatures remain cold on Friday. The heights only reach the middle of the 30s with mostly sunny skies. Shortly before Saturday there is still a lot to discuss when and how much winter weather is expected during the day. Thunderstorms become snow showers in the late morning and last for a few hours. Light accumulation is currently expected. In the early afternoon, a transition to sleet and freezing rain is possible, which is still as dangerous for the trip as it was in the first half of the weekend. High temperatures just above freezing are the norm. A short transition to rain or drizzle is possible in the evening, but we will keep the freezing temperature limit very closely. Be ready to change your plans on Saturday if you haven’t already. Stay up to date as we approach time. We dry out on Sunday, but stormy conditions with gusty winds will be the norm. Heights remain in the lower 30s.

Bitter and cold afternoon showers last until next week.

On to the next week: We dive even further, exactly at the 30-degree mark, for the highs in the afternoon on Monday. With partly to mostly cloudy skies, windy conditions continue to prevail. Morning lows well into teens are the norm on Monday morning and the first half of the week. In the afternoons, some thunderstorms on Tuesday often lead to wind chills in the upper teens and in the lower 20s. We stay cold, highs in the top 20s and almost 30 in the middle of the next week.

Stay “Weather Smart” all week with the FOX43 Weather Team!

-Chief Meteorologist MaryEllen Pann