Trends in Winter 2020: It’s time to develop personal training

Trends in Winter 2020: It's time to develop personal training

Changing seasons is like a big gong that will draw us to a whole new universe of things that is cool. What, then, imposes an oblique angle to the sun this coming year?

Developing personal style practice

Looking back over the last decade… whatever it was, it was obvious that 2010 fashion was all about a strong expression of personal style, from the strefear shopaholic approach of Jonah Hill, through Fitasia to Lil Uzi Vert, through rural influenza Shia LaBeouf, Harry Styles is (I love you, man !!!) dirty spell. They taught us to love fashion – and to love it – by going where few men had gone before.

Driven by internal freezing temples and collective sadness, available in sizes ranging from light malaise to full seasonal depression this winter, we turn this feeling of courage inward Development of personal style practice, a movement that concerns the use of clothing to express the innermost self that you have found through a therapist or preferred meditation application.

The cultural moment requires us to defend ourselves before we know the accusations, so it is vital than ever that you:

  1. Look deeply in the mirror at the clothes you love and say words of affirmation and joy to yourself;
  2. Magazine about brands, silhouettes and materials that dazzle you; and
  3. Spend more time searching without buying.

Assembling clothing – a private process that is usually obscured in our mind by triumphant sharing of fit pic – is an essential part of practice. You may want to light incense in the morning and sing a little mantra “fashion is passion” before things start working; you may have to dress Enya or Dire Straits or Lil Kim. Finally, you have to develop eccentricities and signatures as a kind of habit. I recently met a coffee friend who carried a giant Longchamp purse over his shoulder. I recently admired the way Harry Styles and Evan Mock painted their own nails. I recently saw my friend Sam, who had a small silver swan on his lapel, and my other friend, Nancy Pelosi, who wore the gold mace pin on his black suit, and I absolutely thought.

Here is the Trend Report Winter Report guarantee: turn your pursuit style, training and hobby into friends and influence people.

Not just looking at art – but looking

If I learned from Yayoi Kusama “oh my god, it’s art, but I’m in it” the room and the sexy banana that Art Basel took Miami Beach is that people love art !!! Some people are really angry at Instagramming art and it is perfectly okay, but actually I don’t mind. What matters to me is that people are no longer just for selfie, but to stay. Think about how long people were standing in front of a banana!

By the end of February 2020, people will stand in front of paintings and sculptures an average of 5-8 seconds longer, waiting for someone to eat it, or just taking things with more pathos. It is the luxury that the most famous painting in the world – “Mona Lisa”, you can no longer offer, and it is the kind of perspective that the Museum of Modern Art is changing, with a provocative comparison and a mercury approach to the art canon. Especially rich in this experience are European painting galleries, where everything is epic on a scale. A lot of it!


Gray dove Stetson. Slate-colored astrakhan. Poorly taken care of fedora. Let Hat God celebrate Brad Brad Pitt with your guide; just try a ton of hats and see what works. (Great for your personal training styles!) And as they tell you in Wendy’s ads, do what tastes right.

Reading big books with his boys

Every woman I know is in some really elegant book club, including Kendall Jenner, whom I have never met, but I feel that I know quite well because we’ve read all the same books lately.