Trudeau, G20 leaders protest worldwide in response to COVID-19 epidemic

Trudeau, G20 leaders protest worldwide in response to COVID-19 epidemic

President Justin Trudeau will speak today with leaders of the world’s largest economies about the global impact of the KEVID-19 spread.

He will participate in a video conference with the leaders of the G20, which aims to discuss the possible integration of global resources for disease and cushion systems for global destruction. field industry.

He is also expected to spend his daily media sessions outside his home address, where he remains in solitary confinement after his wife was diagnosed with COVID- 19, to highlight the millions of dollars of direct aid that the government has planned to help Canadians and the business climate. crisis.

The lawsuit claims about $ 52 billion worth of subsidies and another $ 55 billion of tax breaks approved on Wednesday by Parliament but the funding will not begin for two. the next three weeks.

The government is hoping to begin delivering Emergency Aid Canada – $ 2,000 a month for up to four months to a million people due to the outbreak – on April 6.

Other measures, like the temporary support for Canada’s Child Support, are expected to take from May to Canadians’ pockets.

Now Trudeau and his government are ready to announce new policies and tell Canadians how to apply them.

It is also the first day that a 14-day extension for all travelers to Canada will be valid.

Trudeau continued to be left alone Wednesday, the 14th for him and his three children after his wife, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, presented with symptoms of the disease.

He said that neither he nor his children were experiencing any symptoms but continued to follow the advice of a health professional.

This report by the Canadian Press was first published March 26, 2020.